Where Buy CBD Oil

Where buy cbd oil
CBD oil is growing wildly in popularity.

Where Buy CBD Oil

With the growing popularity of CBD oil based on it’s many health related benefits, it is now available in many places both online and offline. Where buy CBD oil is important so that you know you are buying the most effective, legal, safest, and correct form of CBD oil, and from the most reputable supplier.

As with many other health products that aren’t regulated by the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, some unscrupulous companies have arisen to attempt to take advantage of the unknowing, unaware, and uneducated public as it relates to CBD oil, and it’s phenomenal growth.

There are several important attributes that you want to look for in your CBD Oil source. I will describe the various things you should look for in a CBD oil source, and why they are important.  I will also recommend what I believe to be the very best source for CBD oil.

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 What to Look For in your CBD Oil Source

 A Seller that is Reputable

Where buy cbd oil
Steer clear of shady, fly-by-night operators. Stick with a reputable seller.

It is vital that the seller you choose has a good reputation. He should make his company name, address, and contact information readily available for you.

A company that you can email, or call to ask questions about the products, or the company itself.

They should not make medical claims regarding their CBD oil products as to what their products can do for you. The only medical advise they should provide is to seek out a doctor for medical advise and direction regarding CBD oil.

A reputable seller will stay within the laws, rules, and guidelines that are set out for them so that they can stay in business for the long term.

A ‘fly by night’ operator will not adhere to these directives or mandates as they are in it for the quick buck, and are not necessarily concerned with maintaining a business for a long duration.

 A Seller that uses Lab Testing & 100% Organic Products

where buy CBD oil
It is important that your CBD oil be 100% organic

You want you product tested using Laboratory methods that ensure a clean product with no molds and with no more than .3% THC content.

THC or tetra hydra cannabinol is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that produces the high.

If you are in possession of an oil that is more than .3% THC content, you may be in violation of your state’s marijuana laws, depending of course, on the state. Technically this would be considered marijuana oil, and not CBD oil.

You also want to be able to see recent lab reports on the products you are buying or want to buy to verify this criteria.  These lab reports should be recent and up to date, and include a batch number that matches the number on the product.

These lab reports will also tell you what turpines and cannabanoids are in the oil, to ensure that you have an ideal full spectrum oil.

Your CBD oil source should have CBD oil products that are free from toxins, chemicals, colorings, artificial ingredients, and other additives.

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The growing methods should not use pesticides either in the soil or on the plant itself, and should not utilize chemicals in the growing process.

Organic farming practices also promote ecological balance, cycle resources, as well as conserve biodiversity.

In addition, the packaging/bottles that contain the CBD oil should be designed to block the light that can rancidify oils. This will ensure freshness, and potency of the oil even while exposed to light, and/or after a lengthy period on a shelf.

They may or may not have the USDA Certified Organic designation, but if in doubt, contact them and ask them if their products are indeed organic.

Ask them also to provide some proof that they are organic. This may not be possible for them to provide proof, and may not mean that they are not organic, but it is worth inquiring about it.

A Seller that Provides a Full Plant Extract

where buy CBD oil
Full plant extracts make the best CBD oil.

You want CBD oil that is grown exclusively for the CBD oil content. Your CBD product should be a full plant extract from a high resin CBD hemp plant.

This plant will be richer in cannabanoids and turpines, and ensures that it hasn’t come from the stems and the seeds.

Avoid companies that derive their oil from the stems, and the seeds of the plant. Normally, domestic companies do not extract their oil from the stems and the seeds, but rather from the leaves, and the flower where the higher concentrations of the resin are found.

The medical and therapeutic value comes from the flower of the plant because the flower contains the most resin.

A Seller that Utilizes a Method of Safe Extraction

where buy cbd oil
A safe extraction method is always preferable.

It is important that the provider uses a safe and efficient method of deriving the CBD oil extract from the hemp plant.

The standard of the industry is to use the supercritical CO2 extraction method.

This ensures that it is safe, and it will preserve the cannabanoids and turpines without destroying the active ingredients in the extraction process. This allows for a potent, full spectrum, and pure CBD oil.

There are other extraction methods available, and out there, but as of today, like the butane or propane methods, but the supercritical CO2 extraction method is considered the best.

Supercritical CO2 extraction is non combustible, non toxic, and eliminates traces of potentially dangerous chemical residue.

A Seller that is Domestic

where buy cbd oil
A domestic seller of CBD oil can make a big difference in quality.

Your best chances to find all of the qualities in your CBD oil that are listed here will be from a company that is in the United States of America.

In addition to being located here in the US, it is also vitally important that they grow their product here in the US.

The states that currently produce industrialized hemp, and CBD oil are Colorado, Kentucky, California, and Vermont.

If you buy from a supplier that is located here in the US, but that imports his product from other countries, it is much more difficult to control the growing, processing, storage, and ultimately the quality of the product.

The Best CBD Oil Source

I believe that the best CBD oil source both online and offline is NuLeaf Naturals.  Why is NuLeaf Naturals the best CBD oil available?

1. Third party Verified   Every bottle of CBD oil undergoes rigorous laboratory testing.

2. Full Spectrum Extract  One of the very few CBD companies in the world that produces this far superior extract.

3. Organic and Natural  100% organic and non GMO.  Free of additives, flavors, emulsifiers, and preservatives.

4. Green Extraction Methods  The preferred CO2 extraction method is used to prevent degradation, and retain the entire              spectrum of cannabanoids, turpines, and other nutrients.

5. USA Grown  Extracts derived from therapeutic hemp, and grown on licensed farms in Colorado.

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  1. I definitely like the point you made with reputable sellers. Those companies who’ve only stood the test of time should be our top priority when it comes to buying any goods.

    Back when I took supplements there were like two companies I’d buy from for a few reasons:

    1) They never needed to reformulate their products to try and increase sells.

    2) They stood the test of time.

    3) They built and maintained a loyal customer base.

    4) Though I get my nutrition from whole foods these days, I do check back on the sites I bought such products from years ago and they’re still among the top fifty and highest rated.

    Always buy from reptuable, trusted sources who are willing to be in business for the long run.

  2. Hello Tom! I like how you show us the importance of knowing from where and who to buy our products from. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

    Have a wonderful week,


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