What is in Keurig

What is in Keurig

What is in Keurig is the #1 single serve coffee brewing system in the United States. Keurig offers 31 different single serve coffee brewers.

These brewers range in price from about $60 dollars US for a refurbished model, to $250 for the K155 Office Pro Premier Brewing System.

What is in Keurig

In addition Keurig also offers the very popular K-Duo Essential Coffee Maker with single serve K-Cup Pod, and 12 Cup Karafe Brewer.

Keurig also offers many varieties of coffee, both Single Serve with the now famous K-Cups, Coffee Shots, and Bagged Coffee.

Keurig K-Compact Coffee Maker

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The different coffee brands include Folgers, Green Mountain, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tully’s, Caribou, Cinnabon, Eight O’Clock, Peet’s, Gloria Jean’s, Krispy Kreme, and many more.

Of course, regular coffee, and decaf are available. Coffee certifications include Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, and Organic.

It is easy to use the single serving K-cups. Just drop the K-cup into the Keurig, and dispose of after brewing.  It is also easy to use your own coffee out of the bag, with the reusable filter.

Just fill the filter with your coffee, insert into the receptacle, brew, and empty and rinse after brewing.

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The types of coffee roast are: Dark, Espresso, Light, Medium, and Medium Dark.  The coffee characteristics are: Cold Brew, Extra Bold, Fair Trade, Flavored, Fruit Brew, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Single Origin, Seasonal, and Unflavored.

Keurig also provides a nice variety of teas, and tea blends. These include Black Tea, Chai Tea, Green Tea, and Herbal Tea.

Keurig also offers cocoa products that include Swiss Miss, and Cafe Express single serving cups.

Espresso brands available at Keurig are Lavassa, Green Mountain, Dunkin Donuts, and Caribou. Lavassa also has a decaf Espresso for those that want less caffeine.

Iced beverages you can purchase at Keurig are from Lipton, Celestial Seasonings, Snapple, and Luziane.  These are made up of 11 varieties of Iced Teas.

And, if that isn’t enough variety and selection, you also have access to Specialty Beverages such as Chai Latte, and Hot Apple Cider among others.


What is in Keurig


Cleaning your Keurig Coffee Maker

Another advantage of a Keurig Coffee Maker is that they are easy to clean, and keep clean.  Periodically remove the parts of the Keurig, and soak in hot, soapy water in the kitchen sink.

Wipe down the exterior with a towel of soap and water, then rinse the parts of the coffee maker that were soaking in the soap and water solution in the sink.

Reinstall the parts. Run white vinegar(brew) through your Keurig. Usually one half to a full reservoir of white vinegar is enough, but if you Keurig is clogged, it may take more.  Run water(brew) through your Keurig 3 or 4 times to completely clear the white vinegar.

Your best bet is to use distilled water to make your coffee with your Keurig Coffee Maker.  Distilled water has the fewest minerals and will help keep the lines in the coffee maker clear for longer.  Distilled water also tastes better, and is healthier than tap water.

Keurig accessories include Descaling Solution, K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter, K-Cup Pod Carousel, Keurig Carafes,  Keurig Thermal Coffee Mugs,  Keurig Bundles, and much more.

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What is in Keurig is the #1 single serve coffee brewing system in the United States.  Keurig offers 31 different single serve coffee brewers. 

Brewer prices range from $60 to $250 US dollars.  Keurig also offers many varieties of coffee, both Single Serve with the now famous K-Cups, Coffee Shots, and Bagged Coffee.

Keurig offers many different brands of coffee, many different coffee roasts, and many different coffee characteristics.  Keurig also offers a nice variety of teas, espressos, cocoa products, iced beverages, and specialty beverages.

Keurig coffee makers are easy to keep clean, and maintain.  Available Keurig accessories include Descaling Solution, K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter, and much more.

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Thanks for dropping by What is in Keurig.  Please leave your questions, and comments below. I will be sure to respond directly. Please share on social media.  Enjoy your coffee the Keurig way.

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  1. I use to own a Keurig and they are so convenient to have. I tried many flavors but always went back to the dunkin donuts flavor. It was just great.

    I am glad you mentioned how to clean them because that has always been my shortcoming. I do not currently own one but I think its time to buy another.

    Thanks for sharing this one. It came at a great time.

  2. Keurig coffee maker seems to be one of the best on the market, I do not at this time own a coffee maker, but after reading all the information you have provided and having the additional offer of delivery of my favorite coffee at my door, is just great.

    1. Hi Ruthlyn, thank you for your comments. Yes, if you like coffee, tea or espresso, owning a Keurig is the way to go. Good luck, Tom

  3. Looks interesting. When I make coffee, I usually first grind the beans and then brew the coffee using a french press. This makes an excellent coffee but it also takes some time and effort. Keurig would be much faster so it can be very useful if I’m in a hurry.

    Thanks for a great and informative post. I might give Keurig a try!

    1. Hi Joonas, thank you for your comments. I know you will be pleased with the Keurig system, and the high quality coffee it produces. Tom

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