What is in keto diet

What is in Keto Diet

What is in Keto Diet

What is in Keto Diet has been sweeping the nation for the past few years or more.  The reason why is because it is effective. In other words, it is popular because it works!

Now, to be clear, it is not a magic bullet, it does take some changes, and effort,  but if you can stick with the plan, it will work for you.

I will explain what Keto is. I will also tell you what the Keto Diet is. I will tell you what the Keto Diet is not. And, most importantly, I will tell you exactly how you can be successful with it.

What is the Keto Diet

The keto diet is not some complex, difficult to learn and put into action diet plan that you have to study for.  The keto diet is really just a change in the way you eat.  This diet when done correctly can make a fat burning machine out of your body.

It can also assist you with building muscle, insulin resistance, and hormone balance, and regulation.  Normally the body burns sugar for energy. With the Keto Diet, we shift from burning sugar for energy to burning fats, and ketones for energy.

Also called the ketogenic diet, it is a high fat, low carbohydrate plan for the way you eat.  Eating very few carbs, the right amount of protein, and more high fats puts your body into what is known as ketosis.

What is in keto diet
It is important to have your macros in the right proportions.

The general rule of thumb in a properly proportioned ketogenic diet is to have 60%-70% fats, 25%-30% protein, and 5%-10% carbs.

These are referred to as your ‘Macros’.  It normally takes from two to four weeks to achieve the ketosis state.

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When your body is in this ketosis state it forces your body to burn more fat instead of carbs for it’s fuel.  When you are in this state of ketosis, your liver is generating ketones which are a fuel.

Your liver is also depositing these ketones into your blood stream. You should notice increased energy, as well as a decreased sweet craving.

Lack of eating sweets can also help with weight loss, as eating sugary foods can slow your fat burning metabolism. This ketosis state can often bring about fast, significant loss of weight.

Foods that used to be thought of as weight gainers like cheese, bacon, hamburgers, and steak are encouraged in the Keto Diet.

Other clean fats such as avocados, nuts like macadamias, brazil nuts, and pecans, seeds, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, wild game, fish, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, heavy cream, eggs, cream cheese, and unsweetened almond milk are acceptable foods.

It is important to eat free range chicken, grass fed beef that has not been fed GMO grains, and organic fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, it is ok to drink water, apple cider vinegar, coffee, tea, dry red wines such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and pinot noir. Drinks made with berries that don’t have sugar added are also fine.

Your approved vegetable list includes green beans, brussel sprouts, kale, zucchini, avocado, spinach, spinach, broccoli, and cabbage, among others.

With the keto diet it is also important to know what not to eat.  Due to the fact that glucose closes off ketosis, it is important not to eat foods that convert quickly in the bloodstream to glucose.

Glucose slows down your fat burning metabolism. Stay away from any foods that are high on the glycemic index.

Even some healthy foods like apples, and carrots rank high on the glycemic index, and are a big no no for a successful keto diet plan.

Other foods you should avoid that would also rank high on the glycemic index are high carb foods, breads, cookies, pastas, bananas, beer, sodas, candy, and juices.

Benefits of a Keto Diet

What is in keto diet
A ketogenic diet can lower the amount of inflammation in the body.

As a result of losing weight and fat with the keto diet, there are many additional benefits that go along with it.  When we start the ketogenic diet, we lower the amount of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is known to be the root cause of many diseases, and health conditions.

Inflammation can bring about heart disease, cancer, neurological problems, epilepsy, Alzheimers disease, Parkinson’s disease, and many other troubling health problems.

It is possible to reverse these conditions with a keto diet, and it is also possible to lower your risk factors for developing these health conditions with a ketogenic diet.

Another great benefit with the keto diet is you will notice that your skin, and hair will improve.

You will notice a suppression of appetite which will assist in weight loss, and provide a savings of time and money normally spent to eat meals. In addition to burning more fat than before, you should also have an increase in energy, strength, and endurance.

How to Tell if You Are in Ketosis

Ketosis is the state that your body is in where it is burning fat for energy instead of burning sugar for energy. Normally it takes 2 to 4 weeks to bring or shift your body into ketosis. So, how do you know if you are in ketosis?

Unfortunately most signs that you are in ketosis are not pleasant. Keep in mind though, that these are only very short term/temporary, and will pass.

Physical signs begin with what is commonly called the Keto Flu. You should begin by experiencing symptoms which are feelings of fatigue, weakness, and overall feeling kind of blah.

But, these feeling should diminish fairly quickly, and if you hang in there, you will be glad that you did.  You should soon begin to see fast weight loss for the first week or two of ketosis.

This happens primarily because previously stored fluid is jettisoned off as your glycogen stores are used up. As long as you stay on your keto diet, you should continue to lose fat.

Diarrhea, and constipation are usual side effects in the beginning stages, normally the first week or two. These will dissipate with time.  Insomnia, and other sleep disturbances are also common in the starting stages of keto.

What is in keto diet
Sleep disturbances are one way to tell you are in ketosis, and are temporary.

After a few weeks these should stop, and should be replaced by easier, and sounder sleep than before the ketogenic diet was started.

Halitosis, or other wise known as bad breath or keto breath is also a common symptom of the keto state.

A lot of people experience the smell of acetone in their breath. This can be a smell like maple syrup or a fruity type smell. Acetone is merely the by product of the generation of ketones in your body.

Your sweat, and urine will also have an unpleasant smell. Keep in mind that these are only temporary and should go away within a short time. During this phase of transition you will notice that you will lack endurance, and a decreased performance.

You won’t be able to work out as hard, or for as long a duration as before. Once you have fully transitioned into ketosis, these will disappear.

Your workouts will then allow you to burn more fat than before, and you will have more energy, and you will be able to work out harder and longer, if you so choose.

Another sign that you are likely in ketosis, is a lack of hunger. Your appetite will most likely decrease as you move into ketosis. As I mentioned previously, this is another benefit in that it will assist in your weight/fat loss efforts, and likely save you some cash in the process.

How to Succeed with the Keto Diet

Research has determined that those that are successful with the Keto Diet all have one thing in common. They have a plan.

Most people on a new diet have no plan. A plan that tells them what to do, what not to do, and when to do it.

A plan that they can refer to, and follow through the entire process. A plan that will keep them on track, and not let them go off the rails, if you will.  You need a daily plan to carry you through the vital first month.

With no plan it is way too easy to allow peer pressure to knock you off course, to make bad decisions, and to be unprepared, so why attempt it?

There is one plan that is easy to follow, and if you just do so, you will succeed.  You are never left to figure things out on your own.  There is nothing left to chance. It includes a 28 day meal plan.

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Feel free to leave your comments, and questions below. Please also feel free to share on social media. Thank you for reading, What is in Keto Diet.   To your health, Tom

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  1. Hi, Tom, I’ve never really tried Keto head-on before, so I definitely would love to give it a shot. For me, it’s all about replacing high-carb foods with high fat ones, and simply changing my calories over to be more fat instead of carb-dominant. That means I can eat a lot of Greek salads with lamb meat, which is one of my favorite if not my favorite meal out there today. Bacon, hardboiled eggs, steak with butter, the good stuff are all food combos that I’m a big fan of. Oh, and I can do any kind of mixed nut all day as well.

    1. Hi Todd, thanks for your comments. Yes, Keto is a paradigm shift from the conventional diet thinking of the last 40 years. Good luck, Tom

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