Importance ph Human Body – What is in ph

Importance ph Human Body – What is in ph

Importance ph human body
An acidic body is an unhealthy body

The importance PH human body cannot be stated emphatically enough. Ph stands for potential hydrogen, and is perhaps the single most important aspect of our overall health.

Ph is the measurement of the levels of acidity and alkalinity in our bodies. It is the measure of the concentrations of hydrogen ions in a given solution.

Your ph is the level of acidity/alkalinity in your blood, and tissues. The ph scale is from 0 to 14.

Generally, the more alkaline you are the more oxygen you have, and the more acidic you are, the less oxygen you have. The majority of people will show an acidic ph.

In an ideal scenario though, you want to be just slightly alkaline, between 6.4-7.3 on the PH scale to achieve your optimum oxygen levels.

There is some disagreement between experts as to the ideal level of the ph for optimum health, but it is close to the middle range or neutral range of 7.0 in almost every case.

The best way to find out what your PH levels are, is to buy a roll of PH paper, and test your first morning PH by taking a piece of the PH paper and running it under your urine.

Be sure to do this before eating or drinking anything.  You then compare this paper with the color chart to know your PH level.

Most people are in the low to mid 5’s on the scale, which is quite acidic, and can be directly attributed to our processed food diet which is greatly lacking in minerals, and/or our inability to digest our food properly in order to absorb nutrients.

Some people tested will show a ph level in the 8’s. This is very misleading, and is almost always an indicator of ammoniated blood.

This means that it is highly acidic, and once oxygen is introduced, their levels will usually go down to the 5 range before they go back up to the healthy ranges.

What is in ph and Good Health

Importance ph human body
Your ph levels are a strong indicator of how healthy you are

Many people likely never consider that their ph levels can have a profound effect on their health. Many health practioners agree that those with healthy ph levels (slightly alkaline) will have a far greater chance of fending off health problems than those that don’t.

For instance, a healthy ph can help protect us against inflammation and chronic pain, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure,osteoporosis, kidney stones, plaque accumulation in arteries and blood vessels, unhealthy organisms and microbes, and much more.

A healthy ph can prevent our immune system from weakening, protect our glands and organs from being damaged, and protect our minerals from being depleted.

It is also believed that a slighly alkaline ph can protect us against cancers, and may help to fight cancers once the ph level is in the healthy zone. Cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment.

How to Boost ph with Food

importance ph human body
The right foods can boost your ph

It is possible to boost our ph, and as a result  our overall health by making a few diet and lifestyle changes.

There are certain foods that can help drive up the ph levels, and others that can drive down, and keep down the ph levels.

The 10 Most Alkaline Foods (These foods improve the ph – Eat these foods) 

  1.  Beet Greens

  2.  Spinach

  3.  Kale

  4.  Swiss Chard

  5.  Bananas

  6.  Sweet Potato

  7.  Celery

  8.  Carrots

  9.   Kiwi

10.  Cauliflower

Additional alkaline foods include cabbage, brussel sprouts, artichoke, cucumber, radish, onions, seaweed, limes, lemon, asparagus. These foods show importance PH human body.

In order to boost ph, it is important to first eliminate the unhealthy, acidic foods or the healthy foods you are introducing will have a limited effect. The bad guys are the processed, refined, fried, chemical laden products that are passed off as food.

Top 10 Least Alkaline – Most Acidic Foods (These foods lower the ph – Avoid these foods)

1.  Meats – Beef, Chicken, & Turkey

2.  Dairy

3. Glutenous Grains

4. Legumes

5.  Eggs

6.  Nuts

7. Vegetable Oils

8.  Alcohol

9.  Coffee

10. Refined Sugar


Other acidic foods to avoid include energy drinks, roasted nuts, cheese, pasta, pastries, buttermilk, club soda, vinegar, pickles.


How to Boost ph with Supplements – What is in ph

This is not to downplay the importance of eating alkaline foods, and avoiding acid foods. These good eating habits should be adopted by everyone.

What are the absolute best methods of alkalizing the blood, and tissues to boost the PH with supplements?  The absolute best way to boost the PH period is by taking Okinawan Sango Marine Coral Calcium.

This product has a perfect 2 to 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium, and is highly bioavailable due to it’s living source. By providing whole body mineral support, in addition to the tremendous boost for the alkaline ph, Coral Calcium Plus also helps the bones, joints, and teeth.

The speed and effectiveness compared to eating alkaline foods, or juicing will be significantly faster and easier with Sango Marine Coral Calcium.



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What it means to you

The ph stands for potential hydrogen, and is the measurement of the acid/alkaline state of the human body.  The ph is considered by many health professionals to be the single most important aspect of human health.
The ph scale is from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral.  A healthy, slightly alkaline ph can protect us from many diseases, and conditions.
Conversely, an acid ph can set the stage for disease, inflammation, and many other adverse health conditions.
It is easy to check the ph levels with a roll of ph paper.
Our diets have an impactful role to the level of the ph.  By choosing the right foods, you can help to bring your ph to healthy levels. By choosing the wrong foods, you will help keep your ph levels in the unhealthy zone.
The good news is, there is a supplement that can positively effect our ph levels, quickly, and easily.  It is Okinawan Sango Marine Coral Calcium.
You can assure yourself of a healthier ph simply by taking these effective, all natural, live source nutrients.

Please leave any questions, or comments below. I will be sure to respond directly.  Also, feel free to like and share on your favorite social media. Thank you for reading importance PH human body.

To your health, Tom

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  1. So great to list these good food and acidic foods here. Yes, acidic food always makes us unhealthy and I heard that cancer will only grow in a acidic body, so the best way to keep cancer away is to make our body at a healthy PH level. Thank you for sharing these food for us.

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