Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies

Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies

Erectile dysfunction natural remedies
ED is a common problem among men age 50 or older.

If you are a man that has experienced some for of erectile dysfunction[ED], or if you are a woman who has a man with erectile dysfunction, you know that it is no laughing matter. Erectile dysfunction natural remedies can help you.

As a man, ED can make you feel like less of a man. and a failure in your relationship.

ED of course can leave a woman partner also feeling like a failure in the relationship, as well as unfulfilled, and unsatisfied.

ED is a very common problem. By age forty, 5 percent of men have total erectile dysfunction. This number goes up to 15 percent of men have complete erectile dysfunction by age 70.

As many as 50 percent of men have mild to moderate erectile dysfunction by age 50. It is estimated that well over 30 million men in the US alone have some degree of erectile dysfunction.

The good news is, successful treatments for ED both medical, and natural do exist.

I will explain what erectile dysfunction is. I will also describe what causes erectile dysfunction. I will reveal what the current medical treatments for erectile dysfunction are, and what the erectile dysfunction natural remedies are.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and sustain an erection.

Erectile dysfunction is described as the lack of ability to achieve and/or sustain a penile erection sufficient for sexual performance during intercourse that is satisfactory.

ED is an easy problem to identify, and diagnose. With a basic physical exam, and some simple testing, the reasons for ED can be revealed.

Erectile dysfunction is also referred to as ED, erectile failure, erectile difficulties, or impotence. ED may not necessarily be associated with other types of sexual issues like infertility, libido or reduced sex drive, issues with ejaculation, or issues with orgasm.

Impotence can range in severity for certain individuals. It can mean for some men, no erections at all, inconsistent erections, erection too flaccid to allow penetration for intercourse, or a premature loss of erection during sex.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction natural remedies
ED has both physical and psychological causes.

The causes of ED can be grouped into two separate categories. These are psychological causes, and physical causes(medical or organic).

Some 80% of those who experience ED will have a physical cause, and the remaining 20% will have a psychological cause.

Psychological causes include: attraction loss to one’s partner, relationship issues, stress and anxiety, performance anxiety, depression or other mental illness, guilt, and fear of failure.

Physical causes of ED include: age, injury, diabetes, surgery and radiation, high blood pressure, hormonal fluctuations, obesity, smoking, medications, sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise, illnesses, and steroids and illicit drugs.

Many of these factors can be controlled or reversed, while some others like age cannot.  The integrity of the blood vessels can be compromised by factors like smoking, age, hypertension or high blood pressure, age, family history or diet and lifestyle habits, obesity, diabetes, and lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle.

These can cause or contribute to a hardening of the penile tissue, and blood vessels or atherosclerosis. This evolves into less blood flow into the penis, and a lowered ability to contain the blood and stretch the penile tissue.

Diet, smoking, and lifestyle are all contributing factors that can be controlled in order to lower the risks of creating ED, and to help reverse ED once established.

Chronic or longstanding medical conditions are the most common causes of ED. These are multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, chronic alcoholism, diabetes, atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries or vascular disease, and brain or neurological disease.

In addition to these conditions themselves, the drugs that are prescribed for these and other conditions can also cause or contribute to ED.

These drugs include: appetite suppressants, antihistamines, tranquilizers, antidepressants, blood pressure or hypertension drugs, and drugs for ulcers.

Hormone imbalances can also cause ED. The hormones imbalances that affect ED the most are with testosterone, and the thyroid hormone thyroxine. Kidney disease, and diabetes can often be a cause of these hormone imbalances.

Current Medical Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction natural remedies
Viagra are commonly prescribed for ED.

There are currently several effective medical treatments for correcting or improving the symptoms of ED.

These medical treatments however are usually symptom related, and do not normally address the underlying causes of impotence.

As a result, by implementing these medical treatments, the underlying cause may worsen in severity.

In addition, the results gained from these treatments are temporary, and in order to realize similar results, they must be taken again each time the result is needed.

The medical practitioners that see and treat patients with ED are General Practitioners or Family Doctors, Endocrinologists(Hormone Experts) or Internal Specialists, Urologists, and Psychiatrists.

Erectile dysfunction is determined by these practitioners with various methods. These methods include a physical examination, lab tests, a psychological evaluation and assessment, as well as by looking at the medical history of the patient.

These medical treatments most often recommended and prescribed include:

Changes in lifestyle
Penile Injections
Medications like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis(temporary solution, and can be expensive, and cause hazardous side effects)
Topical treatments like Muse
Adjustment in medication currently prescribed
Vacuum devices

Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies

Always check with your doctor before attempting these or any other therapies related to ED. 

Erectile dysfunction natural remedies
Dark chocolate is one of many erectile dysfunction natural remedies

Medical therapies and treatments for erectile dysfunction can be effective. Unfortunately, they can also cause dangerous side effects, and more often than not, these therapies and treatments are temporary solutions. The reason for this is much of these treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause.

Natural treatments, on the other hand, work with the body, and do not cause dangerous side effects. Some natural treatments and therapies also address the underlying cause, as well as the symptoms of ED.

We know that an erection cannot be sustained without adrenaline. We also know that blood circulation is an important component to both achieving, and sustaining an erection.

Natural remedies such as herbs are generally considered safer and less invasive than many medical and drug therapies.

However, because many natural remedies for ED are involved with increasing blood flow, there is still some risk, especially as it pertains to blood pressure.

Herbs, and herbal formulations are a very common natural remedy for impotence. Some of the more popular herbs, and other natural sources that have shown to be an effective treatment for ED are:

Yohimbe Bark – an African tree bark. Yohimbe can be used both short term, and long term. In higher doses it can affect blood pressure, anxiety, and other issues. Should be used with caution.

Maca Root – a Peruvian potato starch that is found in the mountainous regions. Can be utilized both short term, and long term for impotence as well as for infertility.

Tongkat Ali – from the South Pacific. This formula is not as well known as Yohimbe, and Maca, but non the less is considered effective for increasing sexual performance, and in helping erectile dysfunction, and infertility.

Nan Bao – a Chinese herbal formulation that also contains parts of animals.  This is used both short term and long term for impotence.

Erectile dysfunction natural remedies
Ginger root has been shown to increase libido.

Ginger Root– contains, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin C, which has been shown to increase libido.

Adaptogenic Formula – this formula uses various herbs, mushrooms, and other plants, and has the ability to raise hormones that are too low, and lower hormones that are too high.

B Complex – these live source vitamins help the liver, the adrenals, and focus during sex.

Adrenal Support Formula – this effective formula utilizes fermented Cordycep mushroom, Eleuthero root, Bromelain, Japanese knotweed, Chlorella, and Burdock root to allow for optimum adrenal function. An erection cannot be sustained without adrenaline.

Foods that help Erectile Dysfunction include:

Watermelon – high in citrulline, which can improve the hardness of erections in men with a mild form of impotence. Three and a half servings per day are needed. Yellow watermelon, however, will work with only one small serving per day.

Cayenne Pepper and Garlic – in combination these two foods increase blood flow throughout the body, and including the penis. Garlic can also increase testosterone levels which helps with libido, and quality of erections.

Cruciferous Vegetables, and Mushrooms – will help lower the hormone Estrogen which lowers your testosterone levels. Testosterone is the male hormone that is involved with sexual energy, vitality, and performance.

Oysters –  are loaded with the mineral zinc, and may help boost testosterone levels.

Dark Chocolate – high in flavanols, can lower blood pressure, and increase blood flow, and circulation. In addition, dark chocolate can increase nitric oxide which can assist with erections.

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Bananas – rich in potassium which is good for the heart, and can improve blood flow and circulation.

Salmon–  high in Omega 3 fatty acids which can make blood less viscous and sticky, and improve blood flow to the lower extremities. Other oily fish like mackerel, tuna, and trout can have the same effect.

Onions – contain a blood thinning component called allicin which assists in blood flow and circulation. Garlic also contains this natural chemical.

Beets – can boost nitric oxide which helps erections.

Erectile dysfunction natural remedies
Red wine contains resveratrol, and can help in producing nitric oxide which helps with erections.

Red Wine – a top source of resveratrol, a phytochemical anti-oxidant, can help open blood vessels, and assist in the production of nitric oxide.

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Pomegranates – help by regulating blood flow and directing it to the lower extremities.

Cardamon – promotes blood flow directs it to the penis, which causes stronger erections.

You will receive more benefits, and less chance of absorbing toxins and chemical if you eat raw, fresh, organic foods.

ED can be Treated Successfully

ED is a very common problem. It is believed that as many as 50% of men experience mild to moderate erectile dysfunction by age 50.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the lack of ability to achieve and/or sustain a penile erection sufficient for sexual performance during intercourse in a satisfactory manner.  Erectile dysfunction is also referred to as ED, erectile failure, erectile difficulties, and impotence.

ED has both physical, and psychological causes with 80% being physical, and 20% psychological.  Chronic or longstanding medical conditions are the most common causes of ED.

The most common medical treatments that are recommended and prescribed for ED are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

The many natural treatments for ED include herbs, herbal formulas, vitamins, supplements, and various foods.


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  1. Now that’s a lot of information to take in. I’m taking this article as see a physician first and foremost before trying any of these right? Messing with the blood vessels and arteries and taking something you shouldn’t besides like the dark chocolate or oysters would be fine, but if that does not help then your back to see a physician right?

    1. Hi Jason, thank you for your comments, and questions. Yes, you should always check with a physician first, especially if you are already under their care for this specific problem. Good luck, Tom

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