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eat this not that
What you eat has profound effects on your health.








Eat This Not That

So, when your mother told you to eat this not that, did you ever wonder if she knew what she was talking about?

Did you know that what you eat and drink, and what you don’t eat and drink will do more to determine how healthy you will be, and how long you will live than anything else?

If you are having health issues of any kind, and you don’t want to subject your body to dangerous drugs, chemicals, and unnecessary surgeries, take a look at your diet.

By eating the right foods, and eliminating the wrong ones, you may be amazed at how much better you will feel, and how easily many of those nagging maladies can simply melt away.

But what about genetics, I can hear you saying? Aren’t some diseases and health problems genetic, which means I have little or no control over my health?  The short answer is no.

The Humane Genome project recently determined that less than 1/2 of 1% of all diseases have a genetic cause. Instead, the more likely reason or cause is bad dietary and lifestyle habits that are passed down from one generation to the next. Or bad diet, and lifestyle choices made by you.

I will describe for you what foods you should be eating and why. I will also describe for you which foods you should be avoiding and why.

Eat This

Eat raw foods

We were engineered to eat raw food. Raw food such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, and whole grains, come with their own enzymes.

They are easily digested, and absorbed. They are loaded with healthy ingredients like vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and fiber to just name a few.

Ideally you want fresh, organic, non GMO (genetically modified) fruits and vegetables. I am a big fan of juicing. You can get all of your nutrition relatively quickly, easily, and completely by juicing.

I believe that blending is the easiest, and fastest way to turn raw fruits, and vegetables into a delicious drink.

It is amazing how energizing, and filling this can be. You can also get very creative by mixing different types of fruits, and veggies together for different tastes, and effects.

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Raw meat, on the other hand, although generally healthier than cooked meat, poses it’s own set of risks. Bacteria can sometimes be present in raw meats, and therefore for the sake of safety meat should be cooked.

Meat does contain the elusive vitamin B12, so if you are a vegan, and don’t want to eat meat, you should supplement with B12 to make sure you are getting this important vitamin.

Meat should be grass fed, free range, with no added hormones, or anti-biotics.  Lean meats seem to be the most advantageous.

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It is not necessary to eat a lot of meat in order to gain it’s benefits. Occasional partaking in cooked meat is more than sufficient.  The next best source of vitamin B12 is in fish.  Sardines, Atlantic Mackerel, and Wild Salmon contain the most B12.

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Eating raw fish, such as sushi, or sashimi has a much lower risk of contamination than meats due to strict handling standards put in place by the FDA.  As an added precaution, make sure the fish you are eating are fresh by smelling and minimal tasting.

eat this not that
Alkaline foods raise your body’s ph levels

Eat Alkaline Foods

How alkaline or acidic you are will tell you a lot how healthy you are. Ph or potential hydrogen is the gauge of the total hydrogen ions in a given solution. The ph scale is the measure of your body’s oxygen levels in your blood and tissues.  The ph scale is from 0 to 14.

The more alkaline you are, the more oxygen you have, and generally the healthier you are. Conversely, if you are very acidic, it is also a safe bet that you are not very healthy overall.

You want to be slightly alkiline, between 6.4-7.4 on the ph scale to achieve your ideal oxygen levels. Unfortunatley, the majority of people have an acidic ph.

The best way to determine what your current ph levels are, is to buy ph paper, and test your first morning ph by taking a piece of this ph paper and running it under your urine stream before you eat or drink anything.

Compare this to the color chart to know your ph reading. Most people are in the 5’s on the ph scale, which is very acidic, and can be directly linked to the missing minerals in our diets, and/or our not digesting our food properly in order to absorb these nutrients.

Top Ten 10 Most Alkaline Foods (Eat these foods to improve your ph)

1.  Beet Greens

2.  Spinach

3. Kale

4. Swiss Chard

5. Bananas

6. Sweet Potato

7. Celery

8. Carrots

9. Kiwi

10. Cauliflower

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eat this not that
Fermented foods are the secret of the ancients.

Eat Fermented Foods

Our ancestors have been eating fermented for thousands of years.  Fermenting foods is a way to preserve food, and are considered one of the secrets of the ancients for long, healthy lives.

Fermented foods are full of live, healthy bacteria, and help replace the loss of live bacteria in our guts. We lose live bacteria as a result of taking anti-biotics, and eating chemical laden, processed, and refined food.

The live bacteria that fermented foods generate change the way we absorb nutrients, and digest our food. They also  help burn stored fat with time, and raise the body’s ph to become more alkaline.

This other benefits that fermented foods provide are:  It generates beneficial enzymes, acts as a natural preservative for the food, makes the heralded Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as the nutritionally important B vitamins.

The most common, and easily accessed, and made fermented foods are: Yogurt, Kimchi, Saurkraut, Kefir, Tempeh, Miso, Natto, Cacao, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Pickles.

Eat this not that.
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Not That

Don’t eat cooked foods

What? Don’t eat cooked foods? Being realistic, I know that this is a near impossible transition for most people based on our  life long, and generational conditioning to eating cooked foods, but the less cooked foods you eat, the better off you will be. Eat this, not that.

By cooking food we destroy most if not all of it’s active ingredients, or constituents, rendering the food at best neutral for our consumption.

Unfortunately, the act of cooking can also cause real health problems. For instance, did you know that smoked meats are carcinogenic(cancer causing)?

So are those black chars you get when you grill meats. These insidious rascals are called heterocyclic amines.

Fried foods can also cause serious health issues including cancer.

Dr. Bob Marshall, the renowned Clinical Nutritionist, and Biochemist determined that we lose a third of our life span by cooking our food.

He claims that the cell’s methyl groups are spent more rapidly by cooking, and eating our food without a digestive aid versus eating raw food. These methyl groups are directly related to how long we will live.

eat this not that
Most processed foods have little if any nutritional value

Don’t eat processed foods

If a so called food comes in a bag, bottle, box, or a can it is a processed food. Although there are some exceptions, most of these foods should be avoided whenever possible.

Most of these excuses for real food have little, if any nutritional value. If that weren’t bad enough, many of these processed, refined, chemical preservative laden, heated, additive ridden junk items can actually do you real harm over time.

Did you ever think about what was in that donut you had for breakfast today? But hey, donuts taste so good. How can something that tastes so good, be bad for you?

Let’s start with refined, processed white flour. All of the nutrtitive benefits have already been stripped away.

Then lets immerse it into hot vegetable oil. If there was any nutrition in the flour, the heated oils will destroy that.

Plus, heating any oil will change it’s molecular structure changing it from possibly positive for you to decidedly bad for you by releasing toxic cancer causing, and other disease causing chemicals.

Next let’s take that new donut and add a refined sugar glaze. Refined sugar may be the least healthy substance you can put in your body. This dastardly sweetener is in many foods.

I would bet that you are eating some foods that contain refined sugar that you might think doesn’t have it. If you must eat processed food, read the label.

Refined sugar has been linked to heart disease, fatty liver, Type ll Diabetes, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and many cancers.

And, if you already have cancer, eating refined sugar can fuel it’s growth. Refined sugar has also been linked to obesity, as it spikes your blood sugar, and slows your fat burning metabolism.

So, instead of being burned off as energy, the calories from refined sugar end up being stored as fat.

Obesity has been linked to it’s own laundry list of health issues like inflammation, and presenting a much higher risk for heart disease, and cancer.


Don’t Eat Acidic Foods

The more acidic you are, the less oxygen you have. The less oxygen you have, the less healthy you are, generally speaking.

As I mentioned earlier, the ph is an indicator of your alkalinity, and your acid levels in your blood and tissues. Ideally you want to be in the 6.4-7.4 zone.  The ph scale goes from 0 to 14.

The best way to test your ph is with ph paper. You can place a piece of this paper under your first morning urine stream before you eat or drink anything. By avoiding acidic foods you can contribute greatly to a healthy ph.

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Eat this not that
Acidic foods like red meat lower your ph levels

The Top Ten Most Acidic Foods (Don’t eat these foods to improve your ph)

10. Refined Sugar

9.  Coffee

8.  Alcohol

7. Vegetable Oils

6. Nuts

5.  Eggs

4. Legumes

3. Glutenous Grains

2.  Dairy

1.  Meats – Beef, Chicken, & Turkey

Other acidic foods include energy drinks, cheese, pasta, pastries, buttermilk, club soda, vinegar, and pickles.

Vinegar, and pickles are also fermented foods, so despite their acidic content, their ability to help by contributing probiotics and aiding digestion renders them worth eating, although on a moderate level ideally.

Be careful eating restaurant foods

There are many fine restaurants that serve relatively healthy foods. But the sad truth is, there are many that do not.

For instance, many restaurants add MSG monosodium glutamate to their dishes to enhance it’s flavor. MSG is an excitotoxin that can excite nerve, and brain cells to death.

Many restaurants serve food and drinks that have been sweetened with artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Aspartame is also an excitotoxin.

Personally, I lost enough brain cells in the 70’s, I can’t afford to lose more by eating foods laced with MSG, and/or aspartame. If you were in your teens or twenties in the 70’s I’m sure you know what I mean.

Many restaurants also add large amounts of refined salt (sodium) to their food in order to improve the taste, and to bring on the desire to drink more.

Eating too much refined salt or sodium boosts your blood pressure, and as a result increases your risk of heart failure, stroke, stomach cancer, bone disease, as well as kidney disease.

If this wasn’t enough reason to think twice about eating out, most restaurants serve meats that have been treated with anti-biotics, and hormones. They may also serve farm raised fish that may also contain weird additives that pose a health risk to you.

Next time you are in a restaurant, ask them if the meat is grass fed, or if the fish is not farm raised. If they say no, I would look for another meal item, or I would find another place to eat.

It’s all up to you

eat this not that
Change your diet, change your life.

The good news is, what we eat is almost entirely up to us. We can control what we eat, which means we can control how healthy we will be, and how long we live, to a large extent.

I realize it is a little scary to abruptly change all eating habits right away. And, I am not suggeting for you to give up the foods you love completely. I would suggest slowly incorporating a more raw, organic, grass fed diet to your existing one.

Consider buying a blender or a juicer, and making fresh juice or a smoothie as one or more of your meals every day. Once you begin to feel more healthy, and energetic, you can add more healthy food choices to your culinary routine.

If you can add some moderate exercise to your daily regimen by walking or swimming two or three times a week, you will enhance the effects of your dietary changes.

What I have found is that by listening to my body, and eating healthy, and exercising, I no longer want to eat the garbage processed foods. I not only want to live longer, but I want to have a great quality of life as well.

I believe this can only be achieved by making conscious, deliberate changes in diet and lifestyle.

I hope that you were able to gain some useful insight in what foods to eat, and what foods to avoid, eat this not that.

Please leave any questions, or comments below. I will be sure to respond directly.  Also, feel free to like and share on your favorite social media.

To your health, Tom

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    1. Hi Maryann, thanks for your comments. Yes, you definitely are what you eat. Glad you found the lists handy. Tom

  1. Thank you for your article. As someone who has struggled their whole life with obesity, and changed my diet, I understand that eating sugar and white flour is the cause of my obesity and even can lead to diabetes and heart disease. I am now eating healthy, protein, fruit and vegetables. Thank you for validating my belief.

    1. Hi Shalisha, thank you for your comments. Congrats that you have changed your diet to a healthy one. Best of luck, Tom

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