Best Tea Weight Loss

Best Tea Weight Loss

best tea weight loss
The catechins in green tea can help with weight loss.

The best tea weight loss is always your best bet. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Although coffee is a close second, tea takes the top spot. There are various types of teas from different parts of the world.

The best tea weight loss wise come from one plant. Tea is utilized for many purposes. Teas have a comforting, relaxing quality, and many teas are coveted for their tasty deliciousness.

Tea also has many practical uses. It is used for the prevention of illness. Tea is also used to lessen the effects of illness. Tea is taken to lift the spirits.

Teas are also used to help with insomnia, and bring about restful sleep.  Teas can be a drink, used in tinctures and compresses, and as an ingredient in foods, and other products like soaps, and shampoos.

The easy access to teas from around the world is provided by the internet, as well as by the many retail tea shop businesses throughout the U.S., and Canada, as well as other parts of the world.  The quality and purity of teas can vary from place to place however.

One of the more popular ways that teas are used today are for weight loss.

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Weight Loss Teas

Best tea weight loss
Certain teas have weight loss attributes

Many teas provide weight loss benefits. Some teas can boost the metabolism. Some teas can suppress the appetite. Some teas can do both.  The best tea weight loss wise are: Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Rooibos Tea, and Mint/Peppermint Tea.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green Tea is widely consummed around the world. It is served in many Asian restaurants like Chinese, and Japanese. Green tea is a metabolism booster or energizer.  The catechins in green tea work to burn fat, and are particularly effective on adipose tissue in the belly region.

Catechins are an antioxidant that also helps to protect against damage to the cells. Green tea also boosts the livers capacity to energize you by converting lipids/fat.

Green tea is also high in antioxidants like polyphenols that help ease inflammation, and can even help protect against cancer.

White Tea for Weight Loss

White tea originates from the Camellia sinensis plant, as do green tea, and black tea.  White tea is made from young leaves, and new growth buds, or is minimally processed.

This allows it to retain more nutrients than other teas. It also contains the most antioxidants.  Chinese white tea is considered the purest form of white tea.

The remarkable tea stimulates the fat burning metabolism. It also suppresses the appetite.  White tea stops new fat cell formation, and inhibits fat storage of existing fat. Not surprisingly, white tea is among the most expensive teas.

Best tea weight loss
Oolong tea is a significant weight loss tea

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Oolong Tea is another extremely healthy tea, and also has a strong reputation as a significant weight loss tea.

Oolong tea is also a Camellia Sinensis plant derivative (Wow! What a versatile, multi-faceted plant).

Oolong tea helps you lose weight by aiding in digestion, boosting the metabolism, increasing your body’s energy spending ability, and by helping to stabilize blood sugar.

Blood sugar spikes will slow your body’s fat burning ability/metabolism. Oolong tea can also lower cholesterol, and increase mental sharpness.

Rooibus Tea for Weight Loss

Rooibus Tea or African Red Tea or Red Tea comes from the South African Red Bush. This tea does not contain any caffeine, so no worries about not being able to sleep at night, or that nervous feeling that too much caffeine can give you. Rooibus tea aslo has a green tea variety.

Rooibus tea contains a bioflavonoid that is only found in this tea. It is called Aspalanthin. Asplanthin inhibits fat storage, and quells hunger pangs or food cravings. This tea can also prevent the storage, and new formation of fat cells. It also can help blood sugar levels to balance.

Rooibus tea is one of the best tea weight loss and is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It also supports the liver, has shown helpful with many skin conditions, and has even been effective with cancer.

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Peppermint Tea for Weight Loss

Peppermint tea or Mint tea is very popular in Middle Eastern countries, as well as many other countries around the world. This delightful tea has many positive health giving properties including the ability to help with weight loss.

Peppermint tea is effective in suppressing the appetite. Sipping this tea or even sniffing this tea can help control hunger pangs, and help you avoid overeating. Peppermint tea also helps with digestion, and can be a natural laxative to assist with constipation.

Peppermint tea improves bile flow by relaxing your stomach muscles. By doing so you can see a reduction in bloating, stomach pain, flatulence, and diarrhea.

This tea can also provide a soothing, relaxing effect which can calm nerves, and even alleviate stress. Lowering cortisol levels by lowering stress can also aid with weight loss.

Peppermint tea’s also have pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory qualities which can help weight loss by allowing you to exercise for longer periods of time.

Best tea weight loss
Guava leaf tea is a nutritional and weight loss superstar

Guava Leaves Tea for Weight Loss

This wonderful tea has recently been brought to my attention, and I am blown away by what a nutritional, and weight loss powerhouse it is.

Guava is a fairly common fruit found in many countries of the world. It’s leaves when made into a tea can help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism, assisting in digestion, controlling blood sugar, and by helping relieve stress.

The ideal time to drink Guava Leaf Tea is in the evening after your meal. It’s digestive aiding properties are maximized at this time.

Guava leaves also contain many healing properties such as wound healing, and infection prevention.  They also help with conditions such as bronchitis, prostate problems including prostate cancer, dysentery, gum problems, and much more.

Catechin Content

Best tea weight loss
You’ll love your tea even more if it helps lose weight

Catechins are flavonoids which naturally occur in the leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis. The catechin content in teas appears to be the most impactful ingredient positively affecting weight loss.

The teas with the highest catechin content are green tea, with white tea a close second, and oolong tea in third place. There are many variations of both of these teas, and as a result, the amount of catechins can vary from one variety to another.

Also within the varieties, the brand of tea can also play a role in the amount of catechins in a tea. However, if your goal is weight loss, your best tea weight loss bet is to go with the green tea or the white tea.

It is of course, important to remember that just drinking a weight loss tea may not be enough for significant weight loss.

However, by also choosing a healthy diet, and by including a moderate, consistent exercise program, you will improve your chances greatly to achieve your weight loss goals.

I recommend a predominant plant-based, organic, raw diet, clean water, organic wines (if you are a drinker), and a strict aversion to refined, processed, fried, or chemical-laden additive foods.

Eating low glycemic foods is also an important factor in a healthy weight loss program.

Please leave any questions, or comments below. I will be sure to respond directly.  Also, feel free to like and share on your favorite social media.

To your health, Tom


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10 thoughts on “Best Tea Weight Loss”

  1. I’m glad I found this!
    I’m trying to lose a few pounds and even though it was easier in the beginning, now it’s a little tiring after a while. I could use a little help.
    I already drink green and black tea. I’ll try peppermint, too. It sounds good. I’m not sure about white, though! For some reason, white beverages seem weird to me!
    Thanks for the article!

    Which one do you prefer?

    1. Hi Jenny, thanks for the comments. I prefer green tea. I drink it in my home, as well as when I go out to eat at Asian restaurants. Tom

  2. I am a Green Tea drinker, but you have me intrigued with the White variety! Do you suggest a certain brand? I have digestive issues, and peppermint helps so much! Thank you for this write-up!

    1. Hi Samantha, thank you for your comments. I don’t know much at all about Guava Leaves Tea, but I will surely read your article. I will add it to the list if it is the real deal. I appreciate your bringing it to my attention. Tom

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