Best Sleep Aid for Insomnia

Best Sleep Aid for Insomnia (scroll to bottom for best sleep aids)

Best Sleep Aid for Insomnia
Insomnia is a widespread issue

What is the best sleep aid for insomnia? If you suffer from insomnia, you are not alone. There are more than 3 million new, reported cased of insomnia each year in the United States alone.

These are just the reported cases. The actual number is likely much higher. It is estimated that some 35 million Americans suffer from chronic insomnia.

Insomnia, also known as sleeplessness, is a sleep disorder where people experience difficulty sleeping. They may have trouble getting off to sleep, or staying asleep as long as needed or desired.

Also, waking early, and not being able to get back to sleep is a common insomnia complaint.

Those with insomnia, also called insomniacs, may express dissatisfaction with their sleep, and usually have these symptoms: low energy levels, fatigue, concentration difficulties, moodiness, feeling sleepy during the day, anxiety, stress, and performance issues at work or school.

I will explain why sleep is so important to your health, what causes insomnia, the best ways to treat, and overcome insomnia, and the best natural products available to treat, and help eliminate insomnia. (scroll to bottom)

Why we need sleep

We need a minimum of 5 straight, uninterrupted hours of sleep per night. This means not getting up to go to the bathroom, or to let the cat out or in, to get a snack, or for any other reason. Ideally we need 7 to 8 hours of total sleep per night.

Without 5 straight uninterrupted hours of sleep, we make less than 30% of the adrenaline needed to provide energy for us during the day.

Many of us turn to coffee to provide the needed boost. Coffee, unfortunately can flog the adrenal glands, compounding the issue of insomnia.

As adults, we need 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night in order to to repair our bodily tissue, grow muscle, and for hormone synthesis. Sleep is also needed in order to help our brains to process, and store information.

The strength of our immune systems are also dependent on adequate sleep. Without adequate sleep we are more prone to invasion of viruses, and other infections.

What Causes Insomnia

Best sleep aid for insomnia
In TCM, sleep and the gall bladder go hand in hand

There are many causes of insomnia. One of the most common, and most overlooked causes is with the gallbladder.  In TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, sleep and the gallbladder go hand in hand. Many times, a simple gallbladder detox, or cleanse can alleviate sleep problems.

Gallbladder issues are normally due to a diet of processed foods, refined foods, fried foods, and fatty meats.

Switching to a more raw, organic, plant based diet can help the entire body going forward.

Other insomnia causes are:

  • Pain-inflammation
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Hormonal Imbalance – may be liver related
  • Poor Digestion – Eating too late at night prior to sleeping
  • Caffeine – Drinking caffeine drinks like coffee too late in the day
  • Urination frequency – can be caused by prostate problems in men
  • Sleep apnea – breathing issues while sleeping
  • Circadian Rythym Disruption – Sleep/Wake cycles(often initiated by travel or a change in schedule)
  • Prescription, and Over the Counter Medications, and their side effects.

Insomnia can be caused by a single factor, or a combination of factors.

Stop the Behaviors that Cause Insomnia

There are many ways to treat, and overcome insomnia. You should look for and address the behaviors that may be causing the problem.

The easiest, and simplest solutions are to eliminate the bad habits or behaviors that may be at the heart of the problem. For instance, if you eat late at night, you should stop. Food should not be eaten past 7 p.m. in the evening.

Your body needs to fully digest any food before it will allow you to sleep. To compound the problem, most people have diminshed levels of HCL, hydrochloric acid. These levels decrease as we age. Lower levels of HCL make it more difficult to fully digest food.

If you find that you have to get up during the night to urinate, and you have eliminated the possibility of a prostate problem, you should also limit the amount of water or other beverage that you drink late at night.

Although I am a big proponent of staying hydrated, if you have trouble sleeping, you should eliminate drinks of any kind after 7 p.m.

Many people, myself included, enjoy drinking coffee during the day. The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant, and if taken too late in the day, may make it difficult to go off to sleep at night.

Ideally, you don’t want to ingest caffeine past noon during the day.  Coffee is also a diuretic which can increase the frequency of urination.

You may be able to go later in the day before stopping the caffeine, but I notice that if I drink coffee past 2 p.m., some nights it is more difficult for me to get to sleep.

Some medications are designed to help you sleep, others like amphetamines, have the opposite effect. I don’t recommend taking any drugs, prescribed or otherwise, unless necessary.

Once they have served their purpose to help you past whatever traumatic, or acute issue you were experiencing, it is better to stop.

All drugs have side effects, and some will disrupt your sleep. Also, if you need the occasional sleep aid, I recommend that you go the natural route with melatonin, valerian, chamomile tea, or something similar, instead of a drug.

Drugs for sleep will often give hangovers, or provide a tired, sluggish feeling the next day that may make work, or school more difficult.

Drugs can also be habit forming or addictive, and may make you dependent on them. If you need a drug every night to help you sleep, there is an underlying issue that should be addressed.

It could be a digestive, gallbladder problem, or stress, or anxiety related.

Other insomnia causes may take more time and effort to eliminate. Pain, and inflammation, for instance may require a regimen to provide relief.

Always better to look for and attempt to eliminate the cause of an issue than to just treat the symptom.

Treating symptoms may give you temporary relief, but if you don’t find, and eliminate the cause, it is only a matter of time before your symptoms come back, and possibly worse than before.



Best Ways to Treat and Help Eliminate Insomnia

Best sleep aid for insomnia
Earthing and grounding can help provide sleep

The best sleep aid for insomnia may not be a pill. Earthing  Earthing or grounding is described as connecting the electrical flows of the body with the electrical flows of the earth.

This is achieved by merely walking on the earth barefoot, or can be accomplished inside your home by using a grounding pad for the bed, or for the floor.

This technique has been shown to help alleviate sleep issues, as well as many other health concerns.

Gallbladder Detox and/or Flush  The gallbladder can be at the core of many sleep problems. Due to our unhealthy diets of processed, refined, and fried foods, the gallbladder can become jammed, and as a result, effect our ability to sleep.

A good gallbladder flush, or a detox may provide much needed improvement in sleep, mood, and energy.

Once you establish an earthing program, and detox, and flush the gallbladder, if needed, I believe you will also eliminate or at least minimize the intensity of the pain/inflammation, and any stress or anxiety that may be related to your insomnia.

Liver Detox I would also recommend a liver detox program. The most effective way to detoxify the liver is with a coffee enema. Coffee enemas should be undertaken at least twice a week for 12 to 13 weeks.

Use a good organic coffee, and an anti infective herb. Turmeric is also beneficial for the liver as a detoxifier, and can help with pain and inflammation.

Especially for women that are pre menopausal, or menopausal, a liver detox is important to rebalance the hormones.

Best sleep aid for insomnia:

Quantum State Detoxification and Gallbladder Support




Quantum Sleep Naturally Promotes Deep Restful REM Sleep






Quantum Melatonin for Deep Restful REM Sleep and Normal Circadian Rythyms






Quantum Turmeric – Natural Anti – Inflammatory,  Anti-Oxidant, and Liver Support




Do you have a best sleep aid for insomnia? Please leave any questions, or comments below. I will be sure to respond directly.  Also, feel free to like and share on your favorite social media.

To your health, Tom


Best sleep aid for insomnia

8 thoughts on “Best Sleep Aid for Insomnia”

  1. There is a tremendous amount of valuable information in this article. I can’t really disagree with anything you say. One thing I have an issue with is getting up during the night to urinate. In my case that is caused by the medications I have to take for Type 2 diabetes. It makes me have to urinate a lot more frequently to help get rid of sugar. Guess I am stuck with that for a while until I continue to lose weight and get in shape. I am well on the way,
    Thanks for all the great information.

    1. Hi Curtis, thank you for your comments. Happy that you found the information valuable. Good for you for trying to get healthy. Tom

  2. The older I get, the more I seem to toss and turn at night. I don’t know that I have insomnia, but I just do not sleep soundly. I subscribe to your no food after 7 pm theory, but occasionally have a snack in the evening.

    I think part of my issue is not having much down time before going to bed. I have a lot on my mind, and just a lot going on, with kids, family, work etc.

    I really wonder if the gallbladder flush would help me. With all the processed foods in our lives, I think a lot of people can benefit from a good flush. I think I will give that a shot and see if I feel any better.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for your comments. I know what you mean about having a lot on your mind, and having to wind down before going to sleep. Yes, a good gallbladder flush or detox could be a big help. Good luck, Tom

  3. You make some really interesting points for reducing insomnia.
    I totally agree with you about how eating late can keep your body awake. On top of that, you are more likely to put on weight doing this too. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Catherine, thank you for your comments. Yes, when you eat late, your body still needs time to digest and assimilate the food. Until this process is complete, the body will keep you awake. It is also true that eating late can pack on extra pounds. Makes sense that if you eat and then lie still for many hours, the fat burning metabolism is not generated, or only slightly so. Instead of burning off this extra food, it is stored as fat.

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