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best chocolates online
Finding the best chocolates online is no easy task.

In my quest for the best chocolates online I knew that I needed my online source to have organic, raw dark chocolate(dark chocolate contains the most anti-oxidants and other nutrients), stone ground, no refined sugar added, naturally sweetened(if at all) unroasted, no chemicals or preservatives added.

And, of course, the resulting chocolate had to be delicious. The kind of chocolate that I would be pleased to give to my family, and friends for gifts, for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. (really anytime)

Needless to say, with this criteria, it took me awhile to find an online chocolate source that checked all the boxes. I found some that had some of the things I was looking for, but not all.

I was right to the point of giving up on finding the right source, as I believed that my chocolate standards were simply too high. Just then I discovered one online chocolate company that actually got it.

They understand how important it is to have dark chocolate that is organic, raw, unroasted, and no refined sugar, chemicals or preservatives added.

And the taste, well, you may not believe how good it is. You will just have to try it for yourself. Scroll down for the best chocolates online. 

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Where does Chocolate Come From?

best chocolates online
Chocolate comes from cacao plants or trees that produce pods like these.

Chocolate comes from the cacao plant or tree. Also called Theobroma Cacao, this is a shade tolerant, rain forest, evergreen tree that is found native in the Central and South Americas, as well as in Hawaii, in tropical, and sub tropical regions.  It is also grown in Africa, and Indonesia.

These trees grow to 12-16 feet tall, often under the shade of taller tress, and produce cacao pods, and inside of these pods are the cacao beans or seeds.

They produce oval shaped pods that are elongated, and can be 6″-12″ long. Within these pods or shells are between 20-60 beans or seeds when sufficiently mature.

These nutrition packed beans or seeds are high in many nutrients. These nutrients include: minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, sulphur, magnesium, and anti-oxidants.  Cacao beans are considered the highest source of magnesium, and anti-oxidants.

Cocoa was originally cultivated by ancient societies in Central and South America, where it was consumed as a fermented beverage for medicinal and ceremonial purposes.

Cocoa and chocolate, its fermented byproduct, are rich in flavanols—potent antioxidants associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

In 1753 Carl von Linneaus, the Swedish scientist, thought that chocolate was so important that he named the genus and species of the chocolate tree himself.

He named this tree Theobroma Cacao, which literally means: cacao, the food of the gods. Just what the indigenous Native Americans called it.

More Nutritional Benefits of Chocolate

best chocolates online
Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate has many health benefits.

Two types of flavanols, called catechins and procyanidins, have been shown in experimental studies to reduce markers of inflammation and angiogenesis, two processes closely linked to cancer development.

While more study is required, cocoa and chocolate have significant potential for chemoprevention as a dietary supplement.

Some of the nutritional benefits of eating cacao beans or seeds include: More energy, increased libido, improved mood, healthy cholesterol, healthy hair, healthy nails, and anti-aging.

You can find unprocessed cacao in different forms like the seed or the bean, nibs, powder, or cacao butter which is the fat of the bean.

Every study on chocolate is pointing to the same conclusion: there is something in chocolate that is really good for us. That something is the raw cacao bean, the nut that all chocolate is made from. The cacao bean has always been and will always be Nature’s #1 weight loss and high-energy food.

A new study shows that people who eat chocolate frequently have lower body mass indexes than those who eat it less often. The researchers could not explain precisely why something usually loaded with sugar, fat and calories would have a beneficial effect on weight.

But they suspect that antioxidants and other compounds in chocolate may deliver a metabolic boost that can offset its caloric downside.

best chocolates online
Scientists claim that eating small amounts of dark chocolate can have the same muscle response as vigorous exercise.

Scientists found that small amounts of dark chocolate may improve health in a similar way to exercise.

The researchers focused on the mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses in cells that generate energy, and discovered that a plant compound found in chocolate, called epicatechin, appeared to stimulate the same muscle response as vigorous activity.

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Recent research demonstrates a beneficial effect of cocoa on blood pressure, insulin resistance, and vascular and platelet function.

Although still debated, a range of potential mechanisms through which cocoa might exert its benefits on cardiovascular health have been proposed, including activation of nitric oxide and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

This review summarizes the available data on the cardiovascular effects of cocoa, outlines potential mechanisms involved in the response to cocoa, and highlights the potential clinical implications associated with its consumption.

Cacao beans are probably the best kept secret in the entire history of food.” — David Wolfe, co-author of Naked Chocolate: The Astonishing Truth About The World’s Greatest Food

Chocolate has always been considered unique among foods. From its historical use as a sacred substance up to its prominence today as the food of romance, celebration, and indulgence, it has always held a special place in society.

Sadly, hybridized cacao is causing deforestation around the world. It is extremely important to check that the cacao source of any chocolate you consume is heirloom and shade grown in a natural jungle environment. Only by voting with your purchasing power, can real change happen!


Best Chocolates Online

best chocolates online
Sacred Chocolate is very healthy, very delicious, and has the best chocolates online.

The hands down winner for the best chocolates online is. Drum roll please:

Why is sacred chocolates the best chocolates online?  It checks all the boxes, and then some. It is unroasted, raw, organic, stone ground, vegan.

It is sweetened with maple, inulin, or erythritol. Uses ethically traded Arriba Nacional whole bean cacao from Ecuador. Is hand made with love.

Now, every Sacred Chocolate bar is produced using 100% renewable energy. Although, this program is more expensive than conventionally produced energy, Sacred Chocolate, LLC believes in investing in the environment and the future of life on Earth.

It is just another way in which we can give back and say THANK YOU for supporting Sacred Chocolate!

Chocoholics unite! Now you can give in to your chocolate addiction, and have zero guilt, and no worries.

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