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About Tom Hi, my name is Tom. Thank you for visiting my site. If you are like me, your excess weight, or fat accumulates at your stomach. My brother says that I had Dunlop disease. My belly done lop over my belt. lol  When I was younger, in my 20’s, I lived in Los Angeles, and I was able to run most every day. As a result of all this running, I ran and finished the 86 LA Marathon.  I was able to eat most anything I wanted, and I did not gain weight, or fat. It was easy to keep and stay fit, with no fat at all around my midsection. In fact, I had a flat, washboard stomach.  Oh, to be young again. A few years later, I moved back to the midwest, and it became more difficult to run every day, so I joined a gym, and worked out there.  As I got older, it seemed to take more and more exercise to maintain my good physical shape. Throw in a few age related injuries, and pains, and I knew I had to look for other ways to stave off the dreaded Dunlop disease.  Having a strong interest in alternative health, I achieved a degree in Natural Health in 2002.  I learned a lot about how the body works, and how to incorporate natural, God given means, such as foods,  to get, and stay healthy.  I have done research on the topic of using foods to reduce belly fat, and this website is focused on this objective. I hope the information helps you achieve a healthy weight, and a stunning appearance.  If you have questions, or concerns, or other feedback, please feel free to leave a comment.  I will respond directly.  All the best, Tom

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  1. Hello Tom, that is so funny what your brother said! Especially because Dunlop is also the name of a brand of tires! 🙂

    Have you also looked into blood sugar, I’m hearing when people start to gather it around the middle then metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance are things to look at too, fatty liver triglycerides and all that…again foods will certainly tackle that!

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