What is in KitchenAid

What is in KitchenAid
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What is in KitchenAid

What is in KitchenAid
Dual Convection Countertop Oven

What is in KitchenAid is Major Appliances, Countertop Appliances, Kitchenware, Culinary Inspiration, Sale, and Service and Support.

From innovative appliances to the iconic stand mixer, KitchenAid’s appliance suites are engineered with the maker in mind.  Create a meal,  and a statement  with Kitchenaid’s small and major kitchen appliances.

KitchenAid develops products for every kind of maker in the kitchen, including risk takers, creators, and rule breakers.

KitchenAid is a home appliance brand founded and based in the United States of America, and a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation.

The company was founded in 1919 to produce stand mixers by The Hobart Manufacturing Company.  The first model produced for sale was the H-5.

The second or next product to be introduced, in 1949, was dishwashers.  As a result, Garis-Cochran Manufacturing Company became a subsidiary of the KitchenAid Corporation.

Since 1919, KitchenAid has been bringing culinary inspiration to life, so you’ll receive the most of creating with kitchen tools made for you, no matter what you are making.

Commemorating 100 years of igniting culinary passion and unlocking potential around the world.  KitchenAid’s 100th birthday is more than a celebration. It’s also a thank you to the makers who have provided inspiration since 1919.

The brand is also excited to take a look back at how it transformed the epicenter of the home, the kitchen, and invites everyone to celebrate the spirit of making that will surely inspire the brand for yet another century.

What is in KitchenAid
Versatile Stand Mixers

KitchenAid’s claim to fame are it’s renowned, iconic Stand Mixers, such as the Professional 600, and the Artisan. KitchenAid does not have retail stores or outlet stores. Their products are available online, and at various stores around the country.

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KitchenAid Stand Mixers, and many of it’s other products are in tens of millions of North American homes. Chances are that you or someone in your family owns an appliance with the name KitchenAid emblazoned on it.

What KitchenAid Offers You

Major Appliances
KitchenAid’s Major Appliances include Cooktops, Wall Ovens, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Ranges, Undercounter Refrigeration, Disposals and Compactors, Hoods and Vents, Warming Drawers, Water Filters, and Grills.

Countertop Appliances  
The list of KitchenAid Coutertop Appliances consists of Color of the Year, Pro Line Series, Stand Mixers, Stand Mixer Attachments, and  Food Processors.

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Also available are Blenders, Coffee Collection, Hand Mixers, Kettles, Hand Blenders, Countertop Ovens, Toasters, Commercial Products, and Slow Cookers and Multi Cookers.

KitchenAid Kitchenware products are Bakeware items, Cutlery, Cookware, Cutting Boards, Roasters, and Kettles.

Culinary Inspiration
Culinary Inspiration department provides The Kitchen Enthusiast, Special Offers, About KitchenAid, Contact Us, Careers, Press Room, International, and Experience Retail Center.

Save on select appliances in the KitchenAid Sale section. Find great deals on Countertop Appliances, Small Appliances, and Refurbished and Outlet items.

Service and Support
A very strong Service and Support component is featured at KitchenAid.  This gives you Product Help, Product Registration, Quickstart, Replacement Parts, Schedule Service, Service Plans.

In addition you will have access to Manual, Delivery and Install, Return Policy, Recall Information, Current Promotions, Resources, and Payment Options.

Yes, KitchenAid does provide Professional In-Home Delivery, Professional Installation, and Uninstall and Haul Away Services for your existing appliances.

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KitchenAid Gift Guide
What is in KitchenAid
Pro Line Series Blender

Discover the perfect gift for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, and other occasions with Kitchenaid Appliances.

The gift guide has an ideal gift idea for every type of maker. Find kitchen appliances like food processors and blenders for quick, healthy meals.  For the avid baker explore  stand mixers, bakeware, and hand mixers.

Coffee drinkers will love coffee makers to create everything from rich espresso to drip coffee, as well as kettles for the top notch cup of tea.

You can assist your favorite hosts to shine at their next get together with serving dishes, multi-cookers, and more. For those that may need a little inspiration, the guide is full of ideal gifts for Mom, gifts for Dad, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and of course, perfect wedding gifts.

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What is in KitchenAid – Summary

What is in Kitchenaid is Major Appliances, Countertop Appliances, Kitchenware, Culinary Inspiration, Sale, and Service and Support.

KitchenAid does provide Professional In-Home Delivery, Professional Installation, and Uninstall and Haul Away Services for your existing appliances.

KitchenAid develops products for every kind of maker in the kitchen, including risk takers, creators, and rule breakers.

KitchenAid is a home appliance brand founded and based in the United States of America, and is a subsidiary of the Whirlpool Corporation.

The company was founded in 1919 to produce stand mixers by The Hobart Manufacturing Company.   The second or next product to be introduced, in 1949, was dishwashers.

KitchenAid’s claim to fame are it’s renowned, iconic Stand Mixers, such as the Professional 600, and the Artisan.  Their products are available online, and at various stores around the country.

The KitchenAid Gift Guide has an ideal gift idea for every type of maker.  Discover the perfect gift for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, and other occasions with Kitchenaid Appliances.

Thanks for dropping by and reading, What is in KitchenAid.  Feel free to leave your comments, questions, or suggestions below. I will respond to you directly. Please also feel free to like and share on social media.  Enjoy your KitchenAid shopping.

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What is in Vitamix

What is in Vitamix

What is in Vitamix is Smart System Blenders, Classic Blenders, Space Saving Blenders, Smart System Accessories, Classic Accessories, Space Saving Accessories, NEWFoodCycler, Certified Reconditioned, and For Your Business.

Vitamix provides the highest quality blenders for residential use for your home, as well as high quality, durable commercial grade blenders for your business.

What is in Vitamix

Vitamix Blenders offer Free Standard Shipping and a Full Warranty.  Built to Last. Easy to Clean.

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Whether you are preparing food, beverages, or frozen treats for your household, or your restaurant or other food related business, Vitamix has the perfect blender for you.

If you are not sure which blender is right for you, the Vitamix Blender Recommender will match your cooking style with a blender that is designed just for you.

Discover hundreds of recipes put together by the Vitamix test kitchen.  You’ll find recipes for Seasonal, Dietary Interest, Meal Type, Difficulty Level, and Container.

For example, Seasonal recipes include Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Thanksgiving, and Holidays.

Dietary Interest recipes for Gluten Free, High Fiber, High Protein, Infancy, Low Cholesterol, Low Fat, Low Sodium, Newborn, No Added Sugar, and Pregnancy.

Built to Last

Each angle of the Vitamix container is engineered to bring about a uniquely controlled vortex, systematically folding ingredients back to the blades for smoother, faster blends.

The aircraft-grade stainless steel blades are engineered to handle even the toughest ingredients, so every blend from the first  to the last, you will get consistent, quality results.

Vitamix utilizes a metal drive system to join the container to the base of the motor — providing superior blends and an extended lifespan.

The Vitamix blender motor allows for keeping even torque and temperature cooling to consistently deliver the power needed to blend any ingredient.

What is in Vitamix

Up to a Full Ten Year Warranty

Vitamix full warranties cover performance, parts, and return shipping both ways. Since less than 2% of the items in the United States currently under warranty have been returned to us for service, it is the best warranty you will likely never need to use.

Motors that Last Longer

What is in Running

What is in Running

What is in running is improvement of your physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual state of being.  Runners know health benefits that few others that don’t run or work out for long periods of time can know.

As a runner, and former marathon runner myself, I have experienced first hand the many joys of running.  When I first started running in the military, I found it difficult, and unpleasant.

I was of course out of shape, and I also was a smoker, drinker, and never really did anything to get in shape prior to this point, except for the occasional pick up game of basketball or tackle football with the neighborhood crew.

What is in Running

Even in the military, in my branch, we would never run for more than 15 or 20 minutes at a time.  To me it was drudgery, but it did show me that even this relatively short amount of time running was helping me lose fat, especially around my belly.

It wasn’t until about 8 years after I was out of the military that I started running again. I was out of shape, and was still beating up my body with smoking, and drinking. I made  up my mind that I was going to get healthy, so I gave up the smoking, and drinking and started running.

I believe that the excess nervous energy I had from not smoking cigarettes helped me with my running. I decided to push myself to run longer than I had before, and when I did, I discovered something magical that changed my life.

Runner’s High
What is in running
Running has many health related benefits.

One day I was out running, and having run for about 25 or 30 minutes I began to feel a new energy.  My lungs filled up with air, and breathing became easier, and deeper.

Mentally I felt more peaceful, and less stressed. My legs, and arms felt lighter. I could feel the blood in my body coursing through my veins.

All of a sudden I felt like I could run all day for miles and miles. Instead of drudgery, running suddenly became an exhilarating experience.

This must be the runner’s high that I had read and heard about. Wow, I thought, this is much better than what I had anticipated.

Within a few weeks, I was in the best shape of my life. My belly fat was gone, my physique was much more defined, and I felt better than I could ever remember feeling.

I found that I could eat what I wanted, and as much as I wanted, and I didn’t gain weight or fat. And now, instead of dreading having to get out and run, I actually looked forward to it.

I knew that  if I could withstand the first 20-30 minutes of running, that runner’s high would kick in, and running would again be very enjoyable.

It was a great feeling  knowing that I not only that my emotional, mental state was much improved, but I was looking great also, if I may say so myself.

This was all made easier because of where I was living, Los Angeles, California.  The weather in LA is normally in the mid 70’s, sunny, and low humidity.  Almost perfect running weather.

Most runners will tell you that they prefer the temperatures to be a bit cooler, but LA weather is darn fine running weather.

Before long I was running for an hour and a half to two hours at a time for usually 6 days a week.  I tried to take one day a week off from running to recover, and rest a bit.

I decided at this point to try to run a marathon. After all, I was running up to 2 hours at a time on a regular basis. I was sure I could accomplish it.

I lived in LA, so I decided to run the LA marathon. I signed up, and ran on the designated day. I found it more difficult than I thought, mostly from the pounding on the hard pavement, but I did finish, and my half marathon time was respectable.

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What Runners Need
What is in running
Runners only need 3 things to get going.

There are three basic things that runners need.  They need a great pair of running shoes, the right pair of running shorts, or running outfit, and a good place to run.

One of the great things about being a runner is the sport/hobby is not an expensive one.  There are a few pieces of equipment however that every runner needs.

The most important piece of equipment is a great pair of running shoes.  Notice I said great, not good.  A great pair of running shoes will make the experience of running more enjoyable, and will greatly limit the chance for injury both in the present, as well as down the road, pardon the pun.

A great pair of running shoes will do a great job of minimizing the impact on your legs, and skeleton.  They will be comfortable on your feet even after hours of running.  They will lessen the chance for blisters and sores, even if you have to run through rain, and puddles.

If you are just starting out as a runner, I strongly suggest that you don’t skimp here.  If you have been a runner for a period of time, especially a distance runner then I am preaching to the choir.

Buy a well known name brand pair of running shoes that are engineered specifically for running.  Don’t try to get by with a pair of shoes that are made for playing tennis, or basketball for instance.

Doing so will decrease your chances of staying with running, as your feet and body will likely revolt.  There are several fine brands of running shoes.  I recommend that you go with Saucony, as I have used them for years with excellent results.

The next most important piece of equipment is a good pair of running shorts.  This may seem like an insignificant consideration, but I have found that most shorts will cause chaffing, and soreness during, and after a long run.

You want to be sure that your running shorts have taken this into consideration with their design, and that they will do you no harm.  Again, it’s a good idea to not skimp here either, although most running shorts are not prohibitively expensive.

Something else to consider with your running outfit is the right running shirt or top. I can only speak for men here first hand, but I’m sure that women have this problem also, perhaps more so.

A lot of t-shirts that I wore while running would cause pain in my nipples. At one point I was forced to apply band-aids over them to keep them from hurting after running.

This is an area where the right fabric, or the right fit will make a difference. You may have to use trial and error here as I did to find a shirt that doesn’t cause pain.

And last but not least is to find a good place to run.  Another great plus with running is being able to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and the fresh air.

Depending on where you live, however, could present a challenge some months of the year for runners.  Ideally you want to find a place that is relatively safe where you won’t have to dodge traffic, or be subjected to surfaces that can cause injury or excess strain on your skeleton.

If you can find a place that also offers great scenery, and natural beauty, such as near the mountains or on or by the beach, all the better.

I like to run in parks, nature preserves, and on high school tracks.  I don’t have to worry about traffic, and I know that for the most part, the surfaces I run on will not cause me injury as long as I pay attention to where I’m going.

What is in Running

If finding a good place to run is difficult due to inclement weather or other circumstances, having a treadmill in the home is a good option.

This will allow you to get your running in, and not be subjected to the adverse elements.

What is in running.
Running long distances can be rewarding.
What is in Running – Summary

What is in running is improvement of your physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual state of being.  Runners, especially long distance runners know health benefits that few others do.

Running for 25 minutes or so will bring about a runner’s high.  You will feel more energized, lighter, and have a desire to keep on running.

Runners need three basic things: A great pair of running shoes, a comfortable pair of running shorts or running outfit, and a good place to run.

If finding a good place to run is difficult due to inclement weather or other circumstances, having a treadmill in the home is a good option.

What is your favorite pair of running shoes?  Do you have a good place to run?  Please share your comments, suggestions, and questions below.

Please also feel free to share on Facebook or other social media. Thanks for reading What is in Running.  Have a nice run. Tom


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What is in NordicTrack


What is in NordicTrack

What is in NordicTrack are treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, exercise bikes, strength training equipment, incline trainers, low impact exercisers, rowers,  and the famous Nordic Ski Machine.

NordicTrack provides the best in-home exercise solutions, and is at the forefront of the fitness industry.  NordicTrack is known for smooth, low-impact exercise machines.

In addition to the best exercise equipment NordicTrack also provides interactive training with the best coaches for the best results.

NordicTrack also offers 0% financing for 36 months, repayment periods for as long as 48 months, FREE shipping, and a 30 day return policy. Certain restrictions may apply.

NordicTrack has come to represent the method for serious athletes and fitness-fanatics alike to prepare for competitive events, and adventure, no matter what that could be.

You want to achieve the best possible results?  Then you should have the top coaches. Someone to show you, to push you, provide motivation for you, inspire you, and lead you to all you’re capable of, and beyond.

Get a Unique Exercise Experience

Get an experience as individualized as you are, and the best equipment with the best coaching for real, tangible results. In addition to coaching, NordicTrack also provide advice with activity, nutrition, and sleep.

Whether it’s getting ready to rock climb in Yosemite National Park, run the rapids on a  raft on the Colorado River or merely fitting into that brand new swimsuit, NordicTrack has the answer for you.

NordicTrack  provides for you exceptional equipment products for your in-home workouts in its website store.  Showcasing premium quality fitness equipment combining the very latest technology and designed to give you the best comfort and results.

Home fitness leader NordicTrack defines itself with it’s high quality equipment, it’s exclusive ergonomic design, and it’s focused attention to detail.

All NordicTrack products,  go through and pass multiple test phases to guarantee quality that is unsurpassed. These fine products include exercise bikes, treadmills, indoor cycles, as well as elliptical trainers.

Durable and reliable, NordicTrack is the optimum choice for everyone looking for fitness equipment that over delivers when it comes to quality and functionality.

Perfect Stay at Home Workout Solution

Let’s face it, there are many reasons why getting out to exercise and work out is neither practical, or appealing.  It could be that you live in an area of the country that is cold, snowy, and icy for several months of the year.

Or, conversely, perhaps you live where it is hot, humid, and rainy season for extended periods of time.  Do you have kids at home?  If so, you know it is not easy to be sure they are taken care of while you leave the house to go to the gym, or go for a long jog or a bike ride, for instance.

And what a hassle it can be to go to the gym or other workout facility for exercise.  You have to pay high membership fees, pack a bag, buy a lock, fight through traffic, wait in line at the gym for your machines, deal with unclean locker rooms, and showers, rude people,  and the list goes on.

Not to mention the fact that you are subjecting yourself to strangers that may have intentions towards you and/or your belongings that are not favorable. It’s a dangerous world out there.

By taking advantage of working out at home with NordicTrack you eliminate the hassles, expenses, and security risks of joining a gym, or going for a run or for a bike ride.




What is in Keurig

What is in Keurig

What is in Keurig is the #1 single serve coffee brewing system in the United States. Keurig offers 31 different single serve coffee brewers.

These brewers range in price from about $60 dollars US for a refurbished model, to $250 for the K155 Office Pro Premier Brewing System.

What is in Keurig

In addition Keurig also offers the very popular K-Duo Essential Coffee Maker with single serve K-Cup Pod, and 12 Cup Karafe Brewer.

Keurig also offers many varieties of coffee, both Single Serve with the now famous K-Cups, Coffee Shots, and Bagged Coffee.

Keurig K-Compact Coffee Maker

What is in Walmart

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The different coffee brands include Folgers, Green Mountain, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tully’s, Caribou, Cinnabon, Eight O’Clock, Peet’s, Gloria Jean’s, Krispy Kreme, and many more.

Of course, regular coffee, and decaf are available. Coffee certifications include Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, and Organic.

It is easy to use the single serving K-cups. Just drop the K-cup into the Keurig, and dispose of after brewing.  It is also easy to use your own coffee out of the bag, with the reusable filter.

Just fill the filter with your coffee, insert into the receptacle, brew, and empty and rinse after brewing.

2 Free Boxes of Pods with select Brewer purchase!

The types of coffee roast are: Dark, Espresso, Light, Medium, and Medium Dark.  The coffee characteristics are: Cold Brew, Extra Bold, Fair Trade, Flavored, Fruit Brew, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Single Origin, Seasonal, and Unflavored.

Keurig also provides a nice variety of teas, and tea blends. These include Black Tea, Chai Tea, Green Tea, and Herbal Tea.

Keurig also offers cocoa products that include Swiss Miss, and Cafe Express single serving cups.

Espresso brands available at Keurig are Lavassa, Green Mountain, Dunkin Donuts, and Caribou. Lavassa also has a decaf Espresso for those that want less caffeine.

Iced beverages you can purchase at Keurig are from Lipton, Celestial Seasonings, Snapple, and Luziane.  These are made up of 11 varieties of Iced Teas.

And, if that isn’t enough variety and selection, you also have access to Specialty Beverages such as Chai Latte, and Hot Apple Cider among others.


What is in Keurig


Cleaning your Keurig Coffee Maker

Another advantage of a Keurig Coffee Maker is that they are easy to clean, and keep clean.  Periodically remove the parts of the Keurig, and soak in hot, soapy water in the kitchen sink.

Wipe down the exterior with a towel of soap and water, then rinse the parts of the coffee maker that were soaking in the soap and water solution in the sink.

Reinstall the parts. Run white vinegar(brew) through your Keurig. Usually one half to a full reservoir of white vinegar is enough, but if you Keurig is clogged, it may take more.  Run water(brew) through your Keurig 3 or 4 times to completely clear the white vinegar.

Your best bet is to use distilled water to make your coffee with your Keurig Coffee Maker.  Distilled water has the fewest minerals and will help keep the lines in the coffee maker clear for longer.  Distilled water also tastes better, and is healthier than tap water.

Keurig accessories include Descaling Solution, K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter, K-Cup Pod Carousel, Keurig Carafes,  Keurig Thermal Coffee Mugs,  Keurig Bundles, and much more.

Shop Keurig Accessories!

What is in Keurig is the #1 single serve coffee brewing system in the United States.  Keurig offers 31 different single serve coffee brewers. 

Brewer prices range from $60 to $250 US dollars.  Keurig also offers many varieties of coffee, both Single Serve with the now famous K-Cups, Coffee Shots, and Bagged Coffee.

Keurig offers many different brands of coffee, many different coffee roasts, and many different coffee characteristics.  Keurig also offers a nice variety of teas, espressos, cocoa products, iced beverages, and specialty beverages.

Keurig coffee makers are easy to keep clean, and maintain.  Available Keurig accessories include Descaling Solution, K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter, and much more.

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What is in Walmart

What is in Walmart

What is in Walmart is everything for the home and more.  Beauty items, toys, electronics, video games, sporting goods, outdoor products, and personal care are available.

In addition there are fashions, both for the child, and the adult.  There are tablets, laptops, and accessories, and a great selection of books.

(Scroll down for our most popular products)

These books include the subjects of business, health, food, and dieting, and history. There are also children’s books, books for teens, political books, and many more.

There is also a pharmacy for your prescriptions, pet medications, and some stores offer Care Clinics, flu shots and immunizations, and vision centers.

There is also a complete selection of over the counter health and wellness products such as allergy, and cough, cold, and flu medications, and vitamins.

This category also includes personal care items like electric shavers, moisturizing cream, and electric toothbrushes.

There is also a big selection of pet products including dog, cat, fish, small animal, horse, bird, reptile, and farm animal supplies.

All of these items are offered at low cost, and in good supply.  You  seldom have to worry about a Walmart product being out of stock.

In addition to providing affordable, and very useful items, you can also order online, and pick up at the store the same day in most cases. Your order will be held at the store pick up area, usually at the back of the store.

Some online orders over $35 will qualify for free ‘next day’ delivery.

For jewelry items, the online purchase will be held at the jewelry department.  This is also a free service.

Products stating ‘Free Pickup Today’ on the website will be available for pickup within just 4 hours from the time your order is placed. This is based on store availability.

And, of course, when you order online, you also have the option of having your Walmart purchase delivered right to your door step.

Here is a list of popular Walmart products that will improve your life.  Make great gifts too.

Pacific Coast Double Around Down and Feathers Pillow


What is in Walmart

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Keurig K-Compact Coffee Maker

What is in Walmart

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Farberware Air Fryer


What is in Walmart


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T-Fal Initiatives 18 Piece Cookware Set Red

What is in Walmart

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Oster 6 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster Oven

What is in Walmart

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Instant Pot Lux 8 Quart Multi Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

What is in Walmart

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Bunn Speed Brew 10 Cup Coffee Brewer

What is in Walmart

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Hoover T Series Wind Tunnel Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum

What is in Walmart

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iRobot Roomba 960 Wi Fi Connected Robot Vacuum with Manufacturer’s Warranty
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KitchenAid  Artisan Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer


What is in Walmart

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Michael Kors Bel Aire Chronograph Ladies Watch
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What is in Keto Diet

What is in Keto Diet

What is in Keto Diet has been sweeping the nation for the past few years or more.  The reason why is because it is effective. In other words, it is popular because it works!

Now, to be clear, it is not a magic bullet, it does take some changes, and effort,  but if you can stick with the plan, it will work for you.

I will explain what Keto is. I will also tell you what the Keto Diet is. I will tell you what the Keto Diet is not. And, most importantly, I will tell you exactly how you can be successful with it.

What is the Keto Diet

The keto diet is not some complex, difficult to learn and put into action diet plan that you have to study for.  The keto diet is really just a change in the way you eat.  This diet when done correctly can make a fat burning machine out of your body.

It can also assist you with building muscle, insulin resistance, and hormone balance, and regulation.  Normally the body burns sugar for energy. With the Keto Diet, we shift from burning sugar for energy to burning fats, and ketones for energy.

Also called the ketogenic diet, it is a high fat, low carbohydrate plan for the way you eat.  Eating very few carbs, the right amount of protein, and more high fats puts your body into what is known as ketosis.

What is in keto diet
It is important to have your macros in the right proportions.

The general rule of thumb in a properly proportioned ketogenic diet is to have 60%-70% fats, 25%-30% protein, and 5%-10% carbs.

These are referred to as your ‘Macros’.  It normally takes from two to four weeks to achieve the ketosis state.

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When your body is in this ketosis state it forces your body to burn more fat instead of carbs for it’s fuel.  When you are in this state of ketosis, your liver is generating ketones which are a fuel.

Your liver is also depositing these ketones into your blood stream. You should notice increased energy, as well as a decreased sweet craving.

Lack of eating sweets can also help with weight loss, as eating sugary foods can slow your fat burning metabolism. This ketosis state can often bring about fast, significant loss of weight.

Foods that used to be thought of as weight gainers like cheese, bacon, hamburgers, and steak are encouraged in the Keto Diet.

Other clean fats such as avocados, nuts like macadamias, brazil nuts, and pecans, seeds, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, wild game, fish, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, heavy cream, eggs, cream cheese, and unsweetened almond milk are acceptable foods.

It is important to eat free range chicken, grass fed beef that has not been fed GMO grains, and organic fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, it is ok to drink water, apple cider vinegar, coffee, tea, dry red wines such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and pinot noir. Drinks made with berries that don’t have sugar added are also fine.

Your approved vegetable list includes green beans, brussel sprouts, kale, zucchini, avocado, spinach, spinach, broccoli, and cabbage, among others.

With the keto diet it is also important to know what not to eat.  Due to the fact that glucose closes off ketosis, it is important not to eat foods that convert quickly in the bloodstream to glucose.

Glucose slows down your fat burning metabolism. Stay away from any foods that are high on the glycemic index.

Even some healthy foods like apples, and carrots rank high on the glycemic index, and are a big no no for a successful keto diet plan.

Other foods you should avoid that would also rank high on the glycemic index are high carb foods, breads, cookies, pastas, bananas, beer, sodas, candy, and juices.

Benefits of a Keto Diet

What is in keto diet
A ketogenic diet can lower the amount of inflammation in the body.

As a result of losing weight and fat with the keto diet, there are many additional benefits that go along with it.  When we start the ketogenic diet, we lower the amount of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is known to be the root cause of many diseases, and health conditions.

Inflammation can bring about heart disease, cancer, neurological problems, epilepsy, Alzheimers disease, Parkinson’s disease, and many other troubling health problems.

It is possible to reverse these conditions with a keto diet, and it is also possible to lower your risk factors for developing these health conditions with a ketogenic diet.

Another great benefit with the keto diet is you will notice that your skin, and hair will improve.

You will notice a suppression of appetite which will assist in weight loss, and provide a savings of time and money normally spent to eat meals. In addition to burning more fat than before, you should also have an increase in energy, strength, and endurance.

How to Tell if You Are in Ketosis

Ketosis is the state that your body is in where it is burning fat for energy instead of burning sugar for energy. Normally it takes 2 to 4 weeks to bring or shift your body into ketosis. So, how do you know if you are in ketosis?

Unfortunately most signs that you are in ketosis are not pleasant. Keep in mind though, that these are only very short term/temporary, and will pass.

Physical signs begin with what is commonly called the Keto Flu. You should begin by experiencing symptoms which are feelings of fatigue, weakness, and overall feeling kind of blah.

But, these feeling should diminish fairly quickly, and if you hang in there, you will be glad that you did.  You should soon begin to see fast weight loss for the first week or two of ketosis.

This happens primarily because previously stored fluid is jettisoned off as your glycogen stores are used up. As long as you stay on your keto diet, you should continue to lose fat.

Diarrhea, and constipation are usual side effects in the beginning stages, normally the first week or two. These will dissipate with time.  Insomnia, and other sleep disturbances are also common in the starting stages of keto.

What is in keto diet
Sleep disturbances are one way to tell you are in ketosis, and are temporary.

After a few weeks these should stop, and should be replaced by easier, and sounder sleep than before the ketogenic diet was started.

Halitosis, or other wise known as bad breath or keto breath is also a common symptom of the keto state.

A lot of people experience the smell of acetone in their breath. This can be a smell like maple syrup or a fruity type smell. Acetone is merely the by product of the generation of ketones in your body.

Your sweat, and urine will also have an unpleasant smell. Keep in mind that these are only temporary and should go away within a short time. During this phase of transition you will notice that you will lack endurance, and a decreased performance.

You won’t be able to work out as hard, or for as long a duration as before. Once you have fully transitioned into ketosis, these will disappear.

Your workouts will then allow you to burn more fat than before, and you will have more energy, and you will be able to work out harder and longer, if you so choose.

Another sign that you are likely in ketosis, is a lack of hunger. Your appetite will most likely decrease as you move into ketosis. As I mentioned previously, this is another benefit in that it will assist in your weight/fat loss efforts, and likely save you some cash in the process.

How to Succeed with the Keto Diet

Research has determined that those that are successful with the Keto Diet all have one thing in common. They have a plan.

Most people on a new diet have no plan. A plan that tells them what to do, what not to do, and when to do it.

A plan that they can refer to, and follow through the entire process. A plan that will keep them on track, and not let them go off the rails, if you will.  You need a daily plan to carry you through the vital first month.

With no plan it is way too easy to allow peer pressure to knock you off course, to make bad decisions, and to be unprepared, so why attempt it?

There is one plan that is easy to follow, and if you just do so, you will succeed.  You are never left to figure things out on your own.  There is nothing left to chance. It includes a 28 day meal plan.

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Feel free to leave your comments, and questions below. Please also feel free to share on social media. Thank you for reading, What is in Keto Diet.   To your health, Tom

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What is in Pop

What is in pop
Soda pop is an oft consumed beverage throughout the world.

What is in Pop or Soda Pop is information that everyone should know before they consider opening another bottle or can of it.

I stopped drinking soda pop some 25 years ago once I learned what was in it, and what the ingredients did to my body.

I have had maybe 3 cans of soda pop in those 25 years, and it was only because there was nothing else around to wash my food down with.

My body immediately revolted after I drank it, it made me feel like warmed over dung, and I realized then  that it was a big mistake, even though it was only once in a blue moon.

Once the body is healthy from being fed real food, it quickly lets you know that unhealthy so called food is no longer permitted.

And what about diet pop? Is it any better or healthier since it is diet? Unfortunately, diet pop may be worse for you than regular pop. And you are about to discover that regular soda is anything but good for you.

In fact, it may be the single most unhealthy thing that we put in our bodies. And many of us drink soda pop on a very regular basis.

To prove this point, have you ever seen someone pour a can of pop on the terminals of a corroded battery in a car? The soda does a nice job of breaking up the corrosion, so that the connection between the battery terminals and the battery have a solid, smooth metal to metal join.

If soda pop can do this to built up battery acid corrosion on a car’s battery, imagine what it does to the inside of your body.

It is interesting that there are different names for soda, soda pop, pop, soft drinks, and coke. What this drink is called mostly depends on where you are in the US, and for that matter, the world.

Where I grew up in the midwest we called it soda or the generic name for soda, coke. When I lived in Wyoming it is called pop by the locals there, at least in the area that I lived.

In California, there is a mixed bag. I have heard it called soda pop, soda, and pop, even the Spanish name of soda  el refresco, and la gaseosa in southern California.

Soft drinks is a term that I heard at the movies for the first time, and many times after that.  At the drive-in movies to be exact.  Yes, I go back that far.

In a recent survey, nearly half of Americans polled said that they drank soda every day.  The average intake was 2 1/2 glasses of soda pop a day.

I will describe what is in pop. I will also tell you which ingredients are harmful to you and why. I will also provide some healthy alternative drinks to the extraordinarily unhealthy typical soda pop that you may have been drinking your entire life.

What is in Pop?

What is in pop
What is in pop is usually very unhealthy.

There are many different brands, and types of soda pop. There will be some variances of ingredients depending on the brand of soda you have.

Read the label to verify what the ingredients for that particular brand of soda are.  The conventional brands of soda pop still have much these same ingredients, as do many other brands.

Refined Sugar  Standard soda pop contains a large amount of refined sugar also known as sucrose, to provide sweetness. which by the way, is one of the most unhealthy substances you can subject your body to.

Prolonged use can cause diabetes, obesity, can feed cancer or accelerate cancer. Don’t forget about tooth decay, heart disease, and liver damage, not necessarily in that order.

High Fructose Corn Syrup  Taken from corn, it is a concentrated type of sugar. Soda is also sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, in addition to refined sugar. Usually one or the other, sucrose, or high fructose corn syrup is the soda maker’s sweetener of choice.

Soft drink companies often use high fructose corn syrup instead of refined sugar based on lower costs, ease of use, and lasts longer, or has an extensive shelf life.

High fructose corn syrup can cause obesity, and in turn cause metabolic syndrome which encompasses high blood pressure, and increased triglyceride levels, as well as lower HDL levels, and higher LDL cholesterol levels.

As a result of this, cardiovascular health issues can occur such as heart disease, heart attacks, and  stroke. If that wasn’t enough, your risk of Type 2 diabetes goes way up.

Phosphoric Acid  This nasty substance is a staple in most regular sodas. Phosphoric acid leaches the vital mineral calcium from your bones. This of course can lead to bone issues like osteoporosis.

What is in pop
Phosphoric acid can also cause kidney stones.

It also greatly increases your risk of developing kidney stones, and over time can lead to other serious health problems, such as endometriosis in women. Can also cause stomach issues such as gas, bloating, and indigestion.

Caffeine  Caffeine is a diuretic which may bring on dehydration which can cause stomach, and digestive problems.

Caffeine can also flog your adrenal glands, cause anxiety, and panic attacks, prevent sleep, constrict blood vessels, trigger migraine headaches, cause nervousness or jitters, and increase heart rate.

Aspartame  An artificial sweetener found mostly in diet soft drinks. Aspartame is an excitotoxin that can excite nerve cells, and brain cells to death.

Citric Acid  Another harmful substance found in sodas, citric acid can destroy the outer layer or enamel of your teeth, thus making them more prone to cavities, and to tooth decay.

Sodium Benzoate  Also called E211, it is used as preservative in soda pop, in addition to other processed foods in order to prevent molding.

This sodium benzoate or E211 can cause significant cell damage and may also speed cell aging. Consistent drinking of sodas may instigate metabolic disease creation by way of increased cell aging. Additional common side effects of E211 are  dizziness, headaches, hyperactivity, and sleep disorders.

Colorings and Dyes  Artificial caramel coloring provides cola with it’s classic brown color. Artificial dyes like the yellow dye tartrazine are utilized in many light lemon colored sodas.

Both of these unnatural ingredients have a carcinogenic aspect which means it increases your risk of developing cancer.  Tartrazine also has the unpleasant attribute of worsening symptoms of asthma, as well as increasing the incidence of asthma attacks.

Natural Flavors  This purposely deceiving term is used in sodas and other processed foods. It can be a cover for MSG, or monosodium glutamate which is a flavor enhancer. MSG is also an excitotoxin that can excite nerve cells, and brain cells to death.

Other health issues caused by drinking soft drinks include but are not limited to, altered brain protein levels, asthma and skin allergies, premature birth in pregnant women, increased risk of developing Alzheimers Disease, and can cause violent behavior. Pop also depletes the system of other important minerals besides calcium like zinc, and magnesium.

Healthier Alternative Drinks to Soda Pop

What is in pop
Filtered water is a healthy alternative to soda pop.

There are other drinks on the market that are also unhealthy. I strongly suggest that you read the label on any drink you are considering buying.

If you see any of these previously listed ingredients, you may want to look for a healthier alternative.

Some of the healthier alternatives to soft drinks are:

Water  The fact is that most people are dehydrated, which means they are lacking in adequate water.  One of the reasons for this is drinking caffeinated sodas, caffeinated coffee,  and other diuretic processed foods and drinks.

One of the complaints I hear from people when told they should drink more water is that it has a bland taste, no flavor. This may be the case initially when someone gives up drinking pop, and other unhealthy drinks, but as the body adjusts to a more healthy state, you will crave water, and you will find that it goes down just fine.

Adding a bit of fruit to your filtered water will improve the taste, and add some healthy benefits.

Of course, tap water should be avoided as it contains many impurities that can negatively affect your health.  Filtered tap water, on the other hand, can provide an acceptable source of drinking water.  There are many different types of water filters on the market.

The prices among these filters can vary widely, but many are affordable, and when you compare the cost to what you spend on sodas and other unhealthy drinks, there may even be a savings for you.

These water filters include charcoal filters or activated charcoal filters, reverse osmosis filters, infrared filters, UV filters, and distillation filters. In addition, there are many good bottled water alternatives.

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Soda water or seltzer can provide the carbonation of soda, and has more flavor than plain water in most cases. Be sure though that it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, as there are many of these drinks on the market.

Bottled water is far better than drinking pop or unfiltered tap water in most cases, but if bottled in plastic, it is not ideal due to potential impurities in the plastic that could leach into the water, as well as possible harm that could be caused to the environment from the plastic waste.

Juices and Smoothies  Beware of store bought juices, and smoothie type drinks. Always read the ingredient label to be sure that you are not being tricked into thinking you are buying something healthy, when in fact you are not.

The best way to ensure that your juice or smoothie drink will be 100% healthy is to make it yourself. Purchase a good blender, mixer, or juicer, and buy raw, organic produce from your trusted organic source and simply make your own.

To lower your costs, and to make it last, you can dilute it by adding some filtered water to your drink. Keep in mind too that you will with time likely be eating less, so you will save money in the long run.

You can try different combinations of organic fruits, and vegetables to make delicious, very healthy juices and smoothies. As a result of consuming these extra healthy drinks you may also find that you have more energy, have fewer aches and pains, are sleeping better, and are losing weight.

Teas Teas can be taken cold or hot. In most cases teas do not contain unhealthy additives, colorings, and preservatives. Again, check with your source, and read any labels to be sure.

It is also important to be sure that the water you are using to make your tea is not tap water.  There are many flavorful herbs out there that make great teas that also can give your health a boost.

Use filtered water to make your teas. Teas are also a great solution if you have a hard time with the taste or lack of taste of water.  Teas also provide many significant health benefits, and are normally quite affordable

Natural Sodas If you like the taste and feel of soda, and the carbonation that sodas provide, you may want to look into natural sodas.

These are soft drinks that use only natural ingredients, and have no unhealthy additives, chemicals, flavors, colorings, or preservatives. Of course, read the label, and any other provided information to be sure it is indeed healthy.

Take Charge of Your Health

What is in pop
Becoming healthy and reaping the benefits is simply a matter of you taking charge of your health.

Drinking most sodas is not a lot different from smoking cigarettes as far as your health is concerned. We now know that most ingredients in conventional soda pop is unhealthy, and potentially extremely unhealthy.

Some of the unhealthy ingredients are: refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, phosphoric acid, caffeine, aspartame, citric acid, sodium benzoate, colorings, dyes, preservatives, and natural flavors.

These ingredients in soda pop can cause or lead to serious health issues such as: heart disease, diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, sleep disorders, Alzheimers Disease, kidney disease, migraine headache, cancer, and others.

Some healthy alternatives to drinking soft drinks are: filtered water, bottled water, seltzer water, juices, smoothies, herbal teas, and natural sodas among others.

By making some simple changes to your diet such as eliminating soda pop, and replacing it with healthy alternatives, you can drastically affect the way you feel, help fend off health issues, have more energy, enjoy better sleep, and even lose some weight.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below. Please also feel free to share on social media. Thank you for reading, What is in Pop.

To your health,


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What is in Red Tea Detox

What is in Red Tea Detox is the secret to one of the most popular weight loss programs in the last decade.  It is taking the internet by storm, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.The Red Tea Detox

The Red Tea Detox, in addition to it’s remarkable weight loss properties, also creates a myriad of additional health benefits.

So, not only can it bring about a healthy weight for you, but as it is doing so, provides detoxification,  will make you feel better, and give you more energy to help you through your day. Who doesn’t want or need some of that?

I am going to tell you what Red Tea Detox is, what is in Red Tea Detox, how it will benefit you, and where to find it.

What is Red Tea Detox?

What is in Red Tea Detox
South African Red Tea, or Rooibus Tea is the tea in red tea detox.

Red Tea Detox is a tea that is made from a bush found in South Africa, and nowhere else. Known as Rooibus Tea, South African Red Tea, and Red Tea. Until recently, only those in the country of South Africa, and a few select others had ever heard of this fabled, magical tea.

With the proliferation of the internet, and social media, and the increased world wide awareness and demand of green products, natural health practices, and a healthy lifestyle in general, word started to spread and spread quickly about the amazing benefits of this fabulous red tea.

Red Tea Detox detoxifies the body and allows you to sheds pounds quickly and safely by providing a thorough body cleansing. It facilitates significant weight loss for most anyone in just a matter of weeks.

These claims were not arrived at haphazardly. Red Tea Detox has more than a 10 years of research behind it, encompassing more than five hundred medical studies in addition to nearly 3 years of actual testing in the real world.  So, not only has it shown results, but it also has the science to support it.


What is in Red Tea Detox?

This South African Red Tea does not have any caffeine, so

What is in Red Tea Detox
Rooibus tea contains a bioflavanoid called aspalanthan that helps you burn fat.

taking it will not negatively affect your ability to get off to sleep or stay asleep.

In addtion it won’t saddle you with that dreaded nervous, jittery feeling that excess caffeine can give you like when you drink too much caffeinated coffee.

South African Rooibus tea ingredients include a bioflavonoid that can only found in this particular tea. It is called Aspalanthin.

Aspalanthin blocks fat storage, and suppresses food cravings or pangs of hunger. This tea can also inhibit the creation of fat cells, as well as prevent their storage in the body.

It also can help blood sugar levels to balance, which is crucial in bringing about weight loss, and maintaining it. Rooibus tea in addition to being perhaps the best weight loss and fat loss tea, it is also high in vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

It also has shown helpful with many skin conditions, supports the liver, has anti-aging effects, and has even shown to be helpful with cancer.

The Red Tea Detox

The Red Tea Detox is a comprehensive cleansing program that as a result of the detoxification, also provides weight loss, and fat loss.  This unique program contains three sections.

Diet: This section of The Red Tea Detox emphasizes the importance of body detoxification prior to the weight loss efforts, why toxins can inhibit your metabolism, and the comprehensive benefits of a red tea-detoxed system for the mind, as well as the body.

Plus, it describes in detail the exact energy-rich foods can increase your body’s fat burning efforts better than ever.

Exercise: The exercise component is engineered to work in conjunction with the diet portion of The Red Tea Detox. It includes a menu of supercharged exercises that will promote the fast melting of body fat .

Combined with the metabolism increasing diet, these fast and proven effective regimens have the ability to increase the weight loss results by almost 200%.

Willpower, Mindset, and Motivation: This last part explores some of the more typical myths about willpower and how grasping the latent realities of motivation can provide a paradigm shift to your weight loss, as well as your life.

It’s a crucial section of this program that has assisted many to lose weight quickly, and to maintain the weight loss.

These 3 factors together create one of the most thorough, and simple-to-utilize detoxification programs known. People all around the globe are already benefiting from it to lose weight easily and quickly, and also living a healthier and happier life at the same time.

What is in Red Tea Detox
Red tea supports detox by flushing toxins from your body due to it’s high hydration levels.

How does Red Tea support Detox?

Toxins play a lead role in many mental, physical, and emotional issues that are so common in our lives.
We often have a tendency to believe that is just about growing older or possibly even just a normal happenstance of life.

Many of these problems are related to each other, and some may even have a straight line connection to obesity.

The herbs in red tea detox assist you by maintaining your energy at a high level during detox, and it makes those occasional side effects much easier to cope with.

It also allows you to maintain an excellent hydration level so that your body chooses to flush toxins rather than hold onto them as during periods of dehydration.

The red tea taste is pleasant and you can enjoy it in various ways, fooling your mind into thinking that you’re enjoying a treat when in actual fact you are ingesting medicinal herbs to assist a process of total body cleansing.

You are already aware that a good detox program like the Red Tea Detox will invigorate your weight loss efforts. The additional good news is that there is much more to it than dropping some extra pounds.

Some of the health problems caused by toxins (not necessarily exclusively) are:
Mood swings
Low energy
Difficulty concentrating
Muscle and/or joint painThe Red Tea Detox
Lower back pain
Fatty liver disease
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Premature aging
Digestive issues like diarrhea, bloating, and constipation
Food allergies
Skin conditions such as acne, and eczema

There is only one Red Tea Detox. Accept no substitutes.

What is in red tea detox
There is only one Red Tea Detox. Accept no substitutes.

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Red Tea Detox is a tea that is made from a bush found in South Africa, and nowhere else. Known as Rooibus Tea, South African Red Tea, and Red Tea.

Red Tea Detox detoxifies the body and allows you to shed pounds quickly and safely by providing a thorough body cleansing. It facilitates significant weight loss for most anyone in just a matter of weeks.

South African Rooibus tea ingredients include a bioflavonoid that can only found in this particular tea. It is called Aspalanthin. Asplanthin blocks fat storage, and suppresses food cravings or pangs of hunger.

This tea can also inhibit the creation of fat cells, as well as prevent their storage in the body. It also can help blood sugar levels to balance, which is important in creating weight loss, and maintaining it.

The Red Tea Detox is a comprehensive cleansing program that as a result of the detoxification, also provides weight and fat loss.  This unique program contains three sections: Diet, Exercise, and Willpower, Mindset, and Motivation.

The red tea taste is pleasant and you can enjoy it in various ways, fooling your mind into thinking that you’re enjoying a treat when in actual fact you are ingesting medicinal herbs to assist a process of total body cleansing.

Have you tried the Red Tea Detox program yet? If so, I would like to hear your experience, and results. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, or suggestions below.

Please also feel free to share on social media. Thanks for reading, What is in Red Tea Detox.  Good luck, Tom

What is in B’s

What is in B's
What is in B’s are helpful to you in many areas of health. Click on the picture.

What is in B’s you ask? By B’s I mean what is in B vitamins. B vitamins, and B complex vitamins are the most consumed, and largest selling vitamins on the planet.

There are many different types of B vitamins, and there are many different ways that B vitamins are processed from different sources in order to become your vitamins on the shelf for sale.

B vitamins are in many different foods, including vegetables, and fruits. B vitamin deficiencies can cause some serious health issues. Providing the body with B vitamins in the right form can do a lot to fend off, and relieve various health problems.

I will tell you about the various B vitamins. I will explain what foods contain B vitamins. I will also describe what maladies, and other health concerns that B vitamins in the right form, can help prevent, and/or improve, or even eradicate.

I will also enlighten you on some of the forms of B vitamins, which ones you should avoid, and which ones you should take advantage of.

List of B Vitamins

There are many different B vitamins. Each one has it’s own positive aspects, and when these important vitamins are combined they become a powerhouse of nutrition, and health benefits. Of course, it is very important that you get your B’s in the right form, which I will go over later.

B vitamins are water soluble vitamins. They are organic compounds that our body’s need for normal metabolism, and healthy functioning.  They are cofactors that are necessary for fat metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, RNA, and DNA synthesis.

Generally speaking, B vitamins are not needed in large amounts.  Most of these B vitamins have to be consumed on a regular basis, as they can’t be stored by the body.

Alcohol, overcooking, and extensive processing can ruin bio availability, or the function of the body to absorb many B vitamins.

The body cannot synthesize B vitamins(make their own), and we have a hard time storing them within the body, so we need to obtain them from outside sources such as food, and supplementation.

A lack of B vitamins can cause serious health issues. For instance, homocysteine from too few B vitamins,  which is a contributing factor in heart disease.

What is in B's
Vitamin B1 Thiamine deficiencies are often seen in alcoholics, and extremely obese people.

Vitamin B1 Thiamine  Has a vital part in energy metabolism as it turns glucose into useable energy.

Relatively easy to obtain from vegetables, as long as your source is not processed, or refined as this could destroy the vitamin.

Deficiencies are primarily seen in alcoholics or those whose diet is very unhealthy. Extremely obese people will sometimes be deficient in B1.

Deficiencies in B1 Thiamine can lead to diseases such as: Dry BeriBeri, a neurological disease which manifests in weakening and numbing of extremities and chronic infections.

Wet BeriBeri which is also a neurological disease that has symptoms of fever, and edema.  Korsakoff Syndrome which is a chronic memory disorder.

Vitamin B2 Riboflavin Important for fat metabolism, and energy production.  Deficiencies of B2 are fairly rare. Symptoms include swelling or inflammation around the area of the mouth, rashes on the body, as well as neurological issues.

Some harsh therapies for AIDS and cancer have resulted in deficiencies of B2. Cultures whose diet is totally lacking in plant foods also may see issues resulting from a B2 deficiency.

Vitamin B3 Niacin(nicotinic acid) Important for energy metabolism, especially in the forms of NAD, and NADP. B3 may increase longevity, and reduce the severity of diabetes.  B3 deficiencies are very uncommon, and are most commonly found in alcoholics.

This deficiency can cause Pellagra. Pellagra is manifested by raised, inflamed skin, sores in the mouth, diarrhea, and in severe cases, dementia. In extreme, usually sustained overdoses of B3 liver failure can occur.

Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid  Plays an important role in fat metabolism, and energy metabolism. Deficiencies in B5 can cause a break down of the immune system, and can also halt the body’s ability to make hormones, and prevent the body from using carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

These deficiencies in B5 are very rare because B5 is ubiquitous. It is easily found in the majority of foods.

Vitamin B6 Pyrodoxine Key in enzyme reactions and is found in the body in many different forms. It is also important in the body’s metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.  Deficiencies of B6 can cause peripheral neuropathy, convulsions, and sideroblastic anemia, usually brought on by alcoholism.

These deficiencies are rare, and usually occur in the elderly that lack nutrition, and in alcoholics. Toxicity is rare, and usually only seen with extreme overdoses of supplements, and can cause nerve damage.

Vitamin B7 Biotin Provides an important contribution to skin health, blood sugar balance, and energy metabolism.  Deficiencies of B7 are quite uncommon, and may result in conjunctivitis, hair thinning or hair loss, brittle fingernails, and/or dermatitis.  Raw eggs, and egg whites may block absorption of B7.

Vitamin B9 Folate  Has a key role in the overall health of the cardiovascular system, brain and nervous system, supports red blood cell production, and is thought it could contribute to preventing cancer. B9 deficiencies are somewhat rare.

States of malabsorption such as Celiac’s Disease, and Crohn’s Disease, unhealthy diets, and some prescription drug usage may contribute to deficiencies of B9.

Results of deficiencies are megaloblastic anemia, glossitis, diarrhea, fatigue, and complications in pregnant women such as causing birth defects like spina bifida in the unborn child,

B12 Cobalamine Plays an important part in DNA production, cardiovascular health, energy metabolism, brain health, and nerve health. B12 unlike many other B vitamins, can be stored in the body for several years. We need B12 in smaller amounts than other B vitamins.

However, B12 is not as easily obtained from a plant based diet like it’s B vitamin kindred. B12 has the metal cobalt incorporated into it’s structure, thus the name cobalamine. Only microorganisms such as fungi, and bacteria can synthesize vitamin B12.

B12 deficiencies can be caused by impaired absorption due to Crohn’s Disease, and Pernicious Anemia. It can also be caused by a tapeworm, bowel surgery, and Blind Loop Syndrome. Deficiencies of B12 can cause a lack of energy,  depression, psychosis, nerve damage, and optic atrophy.

Food Sources for B Vitamins

What is in B's
Certain fish like these mackerel are high in B vitamins.

Beef Liver  An excellent source that provides all of the B vitamins. B6, B9, and B12 are contained in ample amounts.

Fish  Many fish contain good amounts of B vitamins including the elusive vitamin B12. The fish highest in B vitamin content are Mackerel, Sardines, Salmon, and Shellfish.

Dairy Milk and it’s related products are rich in B vitamins, particularly B1, B2, and B12. Smaller amounts of B3, B5, B6, and B9 are also present.

Eggs  B3, B6, B7 are supplied in healthy amounts, and B12 is present in the egg yolks.

Soy Many soy products, and it’s derivatives are high in B vitamins. Soy milk for instance contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, and B12.

Beans  The beans that have moderate to good amounts of B vitamins are: black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, black eyed peas, and red beans among others. Primarily B1. B3, B5, and B6 are found in moderate amounts with B9 Folate having the highest content.

Oats  Oats have vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9 in adequate amounts.

Bananas This easily obtainable fruit is particularly high in vitamin B6. It also has decent amounts of other B vitamins including B1, B2, B7, and B9.

Spinach Leafy green vegetables like spinach have B vitamins in good amounts. These are vitamin B2, B6, B7, and B9.

Seeds and Nuts  A rich source of B vitamins, both nuts and seeds contain various B vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9.

Other foods such as mushrooms, asparagus, grains, root vegetables, and other fruits contain various B vitamins in differing amounts.

B Vitamin Supplements

What is in B's
You want an organic, live source B complex like Max Stress B.

Due to over farming causing nutrient depleted soils, pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and other questionable planting and harvesting methods, much of the food we are subjected to today is woefully deficient in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

If that weren’t concerning enough, we are also ingesting many preservatives, colorings, artificial ingredients. and additives in our food.

The bottom line is that we are not receiving the nutrition we need from our food, and we are also setting ourselves up for health issues as a side effect of eating this refined, processed, chemical laden so-called food.

In addition, a recent study has found that 97 1/2% of all supplements on the market today are either ineffective, or toxic, or both. In the case of B vitamins, or B complex vitamins, most are derived from a dead source coal tar derivative.

In order for a supplement to be effective, and nutritionally optimized, it must come from a live source. Great care must be taken in the planting, growth, harvesting, processing, bottling, and storage in order to ensure that no chemicals or toxic tagalongs are present, and that the product itself is fully efficacious, intact, and uncompromised.

Ideally you want a live source supplement that is organically grown in earth that has never known a chemical, harvested at it’s peak of potency and freshness, lightly, and carefully processed, and bottled and stored with extreme care.

Avoid the B complex vitamins in the tablet form. These use synthetic, not natural, dead source vitamins, and are processed to the extent that the body cannot absorb or use them even if they had usable nutrients.

In fact, it has been shown that the body will many times excrete these tablets in the same form as when they were first ingested. Save your money.

You also want to avoid isolated supplements of B vitamins, such as B1 by itself. These are also synthetic so-called vitamins, and will do you little good, if any. A good live source B complex vitamin supplement such as the one below is your best bet.

What I recommend for you are premier, live source nutrients that are easily digested, highly bio available, and are combined, and targeted to provide you the most potent, beneficial effect time after time.

All of these supplements are 100% organic with no preservatives, additives, flavors, colorings, or toxic tagalongs, and nothing is artificial. No animal glandulars, or added stearates are ever used.

These are without a doubt the best supplements available anywhere, online or offline at any price. Try for yourself and see.

Max Stress B

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